Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Ramones

So I tried blogging on that other one. It just didn't feel right. hahaha...anyways, I'm back. A little bit. Who knows if I'll stay?

One thing y'all should know about me: I have a talent for knowing useless stuff. After looking at the Wikipedia page for the Ramones once, I now know that the Ramones toured almost nonstop from the band's creation (in Queens) on, until the Lollapolooza in 1996, when they disbanded. I also know that all three original members of the band died within eight years of the breakup, and that their only really successful album was a b-side collaboration with a 50-or-so-page booklet on the history of the Ramones. Seriously.

So I really want to go back and re-read the rest of this article, right? The only problem is that totally vain reasons are keeping me from doing so. I fear that if I go back and read the rest of the article, either A) my brain will explode and leak out my ears, or B) I will forget all the things i read almost as quick as i forgot about that whole logarithms deal in Algebra. Seriously. And yes, it is just a bunch of useless information, but the absolute truth of the matter is that if I tell people those few facts, they will be either pretty impressed or think that I have no life. But if I forget, well, that sucks.