Monday, July 31, 2006

Why i am ANGRY

1. this stupide new layout deleted every last one of my links.
2. WHO IS CHRIS!?!? The saga continues...
3. I must perform with certain male members of the theatre camp, most of whom annoy me very much.
4. I can't concentrate on anything
5. no one will talk to me
6. Theatre camp ENDS on friday!!!
7. My name is rose in the play. ROSE!!! i don't like that name!!!
8. no one is commenting
9. my computer is being estupide
10. i just am.

Why I Havent Posted in FOREVER (for me)

First off: the lip sync was AMAZING. All those who didn't come, well, i don't blame you, but it was AMAZING. After that we had to go to washington dc to meet these family friends for this fancy dinner and then go to their cabin in west virginia. We were all ticked off cuz we would have to collectively drive four and a half hours, not 2 and a half. So we drove to DC and when we got into the actual city we saw all these people holding signs that said stuff like "ACE WE LOVE YOU!!" and "GO KATHERINE!" with pix of the american idols. me and emma and will started saying, "oh, i wonder if they're going to drive by here or something!" and we drove down into the parking garage and these people were being all official and my mom turns around and says, "so there are people holding signs outside...and we have a ticket...what do you think that means? and then i was like "OMG...are we gonna see a concert?!?!?!"

And we were!!! See, mary (family friend) has a box in DC and we were gonna see the American Idol Concert!!!!! I know it's lame but hello two words: ACE. YOUNG. And he was so hottttt!!! yes FIVE t's!!! he kind of looked like a bug from where we were sitting but there was a screen and he sang Father Figure and Harder to Breathe. Father Figure was like the slow song and he was like taking off his jacket and everyone went WOOOOOO!!! And then Harder to Breathe was AMAZING v. rock and at the end he sang the last note and the guitar blasted and he kinda did this weird little jump and threw his beanie out into the crowd and all the lights went out! i wanted his beanie...and yeah there were 9 other people but he was the best!! It was weird tho cuz i expected to be as excited as my sister but i'm not big on celebrity worship...unless it's Ace, but it's still not like i would spaz or anything. I felt like i should have been in the mosh pit or something cuz all the people in the box that i didnt know was looking at me like "shut up!!!!" lol.

So theatre camp today was odd. First of all: a certain male member of the class cut his hair REALLY short. Overall impression is that at first sight it looks horrendous, but it's not that bad after your eyes adjust. Second of all: We got to do Freeze Frame today!!! bob and dan sr.'s was the funniest. the person b4 bob had smacked him in the eye with their invisible baseball bat, so the was holding his eye and the person was holding out their hand. then dan stepped in and bob said, "Why would you slap me? you just break my heart and walk away!" and everyone starts freaking out laughing. and dan started yelling back at him and bob goes "SHE MEANT NOTHING" and they're both really just yelling back and forth nonsensically (BIG WORD!!) while bev and crystal sat there like "what...the..." while we cracked up. then bob sort of collapsed on the floor and dan started shaking him and they were both just going "AAAAHHH!!!" but it didnt matter cuz you couldnt hear them over the laughing.

And btw sam, my name gets 310 results!! HAH!!! As my brother would say, i BEASTED tim...hahah!!!! Also, he says to ask you what camp you're going to cuz it sounds like fun to him. he's a minijock. plz xcuse.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Q. What Do Basketball and Football Have in Common?


it's a theatre camp joke. just go with it.

So we FINALLY finished our lip sync. it starts at around 11:30 AM friday. call or IM me if you want the specific location. We watched Noah, Dan Sr. and Andrew's final dance, and they have all added some...disturbing facial expressions. Then it was Jacob, Bob and Dan Jr. They were special. They had guitars and i think that Jacob's was made out of paper mache. and bob has a tatoo (WTF!?!?). Then all of those obscure 7th grade girls did 'Walk Away.' If you really, really push me i can remember most of their names. Hannah, Corina, Helena, Charlotte...Emily...ummmm...there are more, i just can't remember. Emma's group has (as kyle would say) "The Spice Grills". Emma has no emotion. I'm gonna make faces at her the entire time so she smiles. Then it's US, the amazing 6-some!!! I'm gonna totally fall off the stage next time but THAT'S OK!!!! I'm alsoo doing a murder mystery b4 the show!!!AYAYAYAYA!

The next fun-filled adventure?? Improvs. (INSIDE JOKE SORT OF EXPLAINED HERE::)

The first improv was Corina and Claire. They had to talk for a while about their boyfriends and eventually realize that they were dating the same guy. So they went through the whole "what does he look like?" "Where are you going on your next date?" thing, and then Corina says, "MY boyfriend is captain of the football team." Claire said, "But MY boyfriend is captain of the football team too. Maybe your boyfriend is the assistant captain. Or maybe your boyfriend is captain of the basketball team. they're easy to get mixed up cuz ya know--" and then she and corina say at the same time "--they both have balls." Everyone started cracking up laughing and they realized what they had just said. then andrew said, "oh, oh dear" in an english accent and we all cracked up more and it took like ten minutes until we stopped laughing and they said, "my boyfriend's name is steve too!" and they figured out that they were both dating steve, the captain of the football team.

The next one was Noah and Dan Sr. They had to argue about who was going to beat the other one in a hotdog eating competion. They were arguing and then noah said, "well, i can beat YOU, but there's one guy i'm not too sure about. Ya know, Steve, the captain of the football team?" *everyone cracks up*

Then Jacob and Andrew had to be in an airport. Andrew was security, and he was trying to detain Jacob b/c he thought he stole some diamonds. the end was like this:
Jacob: I bought them. See, here's the receipt!
Andrew: Ohh...
Jacob: I actually bought them for a friend.
Andrew: Who?
Jacob: You know, Steve, the captain of the football team.
*everyone laughs*
Andrew: Oh, i know him! Isn't he dating two women?
Jacob: Yeah.
Andrew: well, tell him that bartholemew says hi and give one of his girlfriends my number okay?




Wednesday, July 26, 2006


today i was talking to my brother about all kinds of internet slang
and he goes "you say lol a lot online"
and i said "HISS"
and he said "DBAM!"
and i was like, "what's DBAM??"
and he said "Don't Be A Meanie."
and i thought about it and realized "we can make anything into an abbreviation."
And he said, "yeah!!"
So we decided to talk like that.
and i said, "omg, today in camp i broke a nail--"
"you said omg!! you say that too much! *imitating moi* Lyke, OMG!!!"
"DBAM! anyways, i was trying to think about how i could take it off without it hurting and i was in this group and we were supposed to be thinking of something that we could talk about around a table. so all of a sudden bob goes, 'how does that sound?' and i said, 'i'm not listening' and he was all 'WHY??' and i said 'cuz i broke a nail' and he was a meanie...and i said "SUBIHY!'"
"Shut up Bob i hate you."
"that's confusing."


so i'm going to do a test and see if i can sing. im going to turn my iPod up really loud so i can't hear myself and tape record it. Ready...go!

it took me 10 minutes of warming up but i finally did it. ok. rewind

Wow, the first part is terrible. The second part is...also horrible. Third part is bad, but not as bad as the first part. The fourth part is also bad. The fifth part is sort of bad. The sixth part is OK cuz it has high notes. THe 7th part is also bad. Wow. i should record some jackhammers exploding over that. it would definatley sound a lot better.

so i just talked over that. for a WHILE. Here's an exerpt:
"What other stuff...Stuff didnt happen to me today. Stuff happened to other people! Other stuff didnt really happen to me though. Theatre drove back to my house and watched gilmore girls. so that...i don't know if that really counts as stuff, but it's not BIG stuff. so i guess it doesnt reeeeeeally...count as stuff...but it could count as stuff. i think i just talked about 'stuff' for the longest time possible without even knowing what the 'stuff' is that you're talking about. I mean, just, like, the word 'stuff.' i don't's just weird. Because...i just talked about stuff. for a while."

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

30 Seconds and A Better Song

Couldnt think of a title. Saaaad....

Well, we are in Day 2 of lip sync mode. Emma's group has their entire song done, with three days left to perfect it. My group? Not so much. I counted, and we have a grand total of 30 seconds. 30. Frikken. Seconds. All of which basically look like crap, what with certain members of our group looking like they're made of rubber bands. And not in a good way. I'm going to totally tell them tomorrow that emma has all of hers done and suggest solos, since jenny g. (with whom i have totally bonded over being short, altho she's still taller than me) and i seem to have certain problems with syncronized movement. the first 30 SECONDS consist of us doing some weird poses and stuff, but almost all at the same time. it looks sucko with my total lack of skill at this stuff. three people (claire, jenny k. and lauren) have pretty much taken over and all talk at the same time and move around the two neutrals (me and jenny g.) while leah tries to talk over them. it was a shambles, basically. i had one suggestion that worked its way in but that was pretty much it. basically jenny g and i would be talking to each other while the other three argued and ignored leah and sometimes pulled us into different spots (which is annoying b/c just cuz i'm short doesnt mean that i'm incapable of independent movement). So i'll update if things get better. if things get worse, there'll be a low-key explosion here.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Spice Girls? Just like bob said, they're dead. Respect is a beter song. Plus emma's group STOLE it. Bitches. Not emma tho. all those OTHER bitches she got lumped in with...she could have been in our group!!!!!!

so oui. i'm bored. must watch tv.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Deja Vu

i forget what the french translation for that is. dunno...gahhhh.
theatre camp is stressing me out.
the title is from a song by beyonce and people are starting a petition for the video because of some very funny reasons, like "the fashion, though haute-couture, is ridiculous and unbeleivable" and "the editing, though professionally done, is disorienting and dizzying" and "the video has no plot and leavs much to be desired." it's hilarious. the video is one of the funniest things i've ever seen. beyonce looks STONED. then she does this crazy dance in this weird outfit, like shakira-meets-hula-girl. is the adress for it...even tho it says aol, you can veiw it no matter what.
So yes. je suis making maccaroni and forgot the timer. crap.
OMG i found a new ingenious way to make maccaroni!!!!!!! apparently you're supposed to boil the water BEFORE you put in the noodles, but i saved time!!!! hahahah!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Holay crappers batman je suis in an odd familia est going to NY but i can't cuz i gotta watch my neighbors doggy max...he's ooooold. and i'm writing the friggin PLAY how kewel is THAT but it's a sucky play cuz the rules of theatre camp is that nothing can have un plot and i really don't want to give the play to bev (camp person) but i think my sister is going to kill me if i don't and then we'd be stuck with the same sucko parts that bev has every year and i really don't want to be emma's sister in the play again that's TYPECASTING and i also don't wanna be a mouse, red riding hood, or a random, prince charming-worshiping girl like i was all the other years. and oh shizzz bev is gonna SPAZ to the extreme cuz i gave some people bigger parts and AAAKKK my sister is disturbing the creative process cuz i'll write something and she'll hover over my shoulder and go, "Don't you think that's a litlle loooong?" and then when i'm done she goes, "Is that a little short?" and i want to STRANGLE her and now i have to go to write the part for the mafia men so YAY!

Friday, July 21, 2006


So the power has been out for a WHILE. it came back on ystrday night tho. fuuun.

so yah...i'm doing a spice girls song for the lip sync. it's gonna be AMAZING. IM/Gtalk me if you want the adress and time so you can come and see me make a fool of myself. Also, Emma's gonna be a BAKER!!! bwahaha. her group is doing that Bonjour song from Beauty and the Beast, the one where Belle is walking through the town and everyone keeps popping out of windows and stuff and the slutty french girls are all over Gaston. I should know, since i was just forced to watch it. GAHHHH.

i just spent my last iTunes $$ on Wannabe by the Spice Girls. it's incredibly annoying and i'll have it stuck in my head for the entire week. I'm also going to have to do dance moves in front of *shudders* JACOB and **SHUDDERS** NOAH who btw ARE coming.

I love Theatre Camp.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Order

just in case you're interested, here's what i'm getting from the $15 store. I'm planning to get a few new pieces to work with, considering that i've already used up most of my cool outfit ideas piecing together stuff for the first week. And this is totally the final order. i'm not changing my mind anymore i SWEAR. And i'll post pix later.
  • The same cami that i said i would get when i was posting from deee-troit.
  • The same shrug that went with this cami
  • A jean skirt (i listened to molly's "azaming" (inside joke) advice.
  • A pair of rockin' aviator glasses with rhinestones on the nose part
  • A supershort camo "bubble dress" (no idea what that means) that i'm gonna wear over jeans.


Monday, July 17, 2006

The Anti-Post

so i wont be posting much over theatre camp, basically because the bloggie was my way to human contact. now i have human contact. there has thus far been no romance or drama to report, no noah, none of my other friends, and while you know i looove you guys i sort of prefer it that way.

so if anything big happens i'll let ya know!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Very Easily Distracted

i was going to blog, and then i got caught up in a poll about if certain stars were better with the band or without. then i found one about if they should keep on acting or stick to singing. then i started doing one about nick lachey and jessica simpson and whether or not they're better off single. nick is, cuz then we don't have to worry about any crappy songs like that one that he wrote about the breakup w/jessica (and then the person that played jessica simpson in the music video looked like jessica ALBA and then everything evaporated when she was leaving and you were just like, "dude, that just makes us think, 'is that supposed to represent how jessica bought you everything and now she's trying to take it back??'"). but everyone voted that jessica was better off couplized cuz then at least someone can stop her from walking into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Can you tell that i am tired and easily distracted today??? Well, i am. i stayed up all night practically and i'm SO tired. and now i have to delete all the crusty old Aerosmith songs off of my iPod cuz my dad downloaded them there.


That was the sound that i just made. soemone broke a glass, and i have discovered that a large sugar intake+little sleep=twitchy. especially towards loud noises. i'm just SO tired...only three hrs sleep.

See?? everyone thinks that fiona apple is better off single. if she wasnt then she couldnt write those awesome breakup songs.

okay. i've actually started to care now. my eye is twitching. must sleep.

Very Easily Distracted

Saturday, July 15, 2006


it's a month til my bday...but wait!! must watch new york minute with deeeeean (i.e. jared padalecki, dean from gilmore girls, but a different character in this one!!!!) YAYAYAYAYA!!!

so obviously bbl

so yeah the movie sucked but dean was hottt. poor dean...he can't i painted my nails black and it took forever but i finally did it...after getting nailpolish all over my hands. i had to use a q-tip and nail polish remover to get it all off...and it still looks sucko. lol. i need to do touch-ups.

anywayyyss....i think i have to go catch my guinea pig. au revouir!!



okay all of you HAVE to promise to im me when i get back at around 12:30-1 PM PLEASE for my sanity!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Emma's Birthday

so today's Emma's b-day. the day started out sort of crappy. i had a dream about a certain someone last night. and no, kim, it wasnt dirty. it was like, we were at a movie and he started yelling at me and calling me selfish and stuff. just weird. it felt really real and afterwards i woke up and cried for a while. but after that i was good-ish.

And my sister got the third season of gilmore girls on dvd!! i spent about 6 hrs today watching jess and rory make out. they are SO good together, particularly b/c they're really together in real life. it's just so sososososoo SWEET. altho i've officially resolved not to watch them break up until i'm in a better place. i do NOT like the jess/rory break up episode. i mean, hellooo he goes to CALIFORNIA!!! why would he do that???

gtg movie's on maybe bbl

Thursday, July 13, 2006


okay. so i found a song. it's emo. but weirdly condradictive. so i will post it here to prolong my confusion. i will not use propane in this process **inside joke from canada**.

if you go away
it's not like i'd care
it's not like i havent pictured you
running your fingers through my hair
a hundred times

but that's alright
it's fine
cuz i know you'll never just be mine
that's fine.

if you yelled at me
it's not like i'd mind, not me
it's not like i don't want you
to be the only one to find me

but that's alright
it's fine
cuz i know you'll never just be mine
that's fine

if you turned around and said
that you couldnt care less
it's not like i'd have anything to say
but that i alredy knew, yes

i tried a couple times before
but you couldnt make it
i couldnt take it
just walk out that door
we both know you're gonna do it
don't prolong
don't listen to this song
just leave...
just leave

cuz it's alright
it's fine
i know that you'll never be mine
that's fine

no matter what i do
it's fine

so yes. depressing emo songs. tis odd.

Drummers and Musical Math

joey zher=drummer of the click five
joey zher=hott
joey zher=on the T-shirt i'm making my sister
so if joey=hott+on emma's T-shirt (or T-sh!t as nathan so aptly puts it), the result is emma=freaking out at the hottnessss.

Ringo Starr=drummer of The Beatles
Ringo Starr=Uglay
But Ringo Starr=my sister's drumming idol.
so idol+drummer=on the t-shirt.

Keith Moon=drummer of The Who
Keith Moon= REALLY uglay and scary too
Keith Moon=WAY too uglay to be on emma's shirt.
cuz Keith Moon+T-Shirt=children runny away in terror.

bored=checking out blogs
checking out blogs=seeing stuff that reminds her of disasterous events at past dance
seeing that+jeg-lag (only in car form) emotional=saaaaad

T-shirt+uneven=need another drummer

ali=shocked because emma's mind = insane
she wants keith moon on the shirt
well, tomorrow=her bday
so ali=in a rush
rushing+demands=oookay, keith moon it is...Akkk

This=the end
b/c ali has tons to do and that=bad
tons to do+little time=AAAARGH!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I'M BACK!!! Canada was INSANE. First of all there were a lot of cousins and i was the oldest and had to take responsibility for them cuz the adults didnt feel like it. we mostly hung out in the bunkhouse cuz well there was a video game thingy in there. most conversations went like this:

Ryan: So then i rode down the escalator on the shopping cart and FLEW OFF.
Emma: Owwww.
Hailey: Did you REALLY do that or are you lying?
Micheal: I bet he's lying.
Ryan: I am not.
Nathan: Yeah. Plus your mom's in your apartment. **inside joke**
Micheal: SHE IS NOT!!!
Ryan *continuing story* and then the security guards were chasing us--
Breant *playing Mario Tennis with Will*: YESSS!! I kicked his @$$!!
Will: He's gonna kick you next time.
Ryan:-and he started screaming, 'Stop those kids!'-
Emma: Nathan, get off my head!
Micheal: I bet he was screaming cuz you're so UGLY.
Ryan:-and then we tried to run out of the Target-
Emma: Ali, can you make Nathan get off of my head?
Ali: Get off of nathan's head, emma.
Emma: No, HE'S on MY head.
Nathan: Die!!!
Hailey: Nathan, Michal Jackson is in your apartment.
Nathan: AW, THICK!! (he ment to say sick but he can't say S)
Ryan: -but the door was one of those automatic ones-
Emma: ALI!!!
Ali: Nathan, can you PLEASE get off of Emma's head?
Nathan: Fine. *jumps on brent's head*
Ali: I thought you were playing tennis.
Ryan: -and it wasnt' opening, but my friend tried to go through anyways-
Ali: Nathan, can you just NOT do that?
Micheal: everybody hates you nathan.
Nathan: Thut up.
Ryan:-and he made this huge crack in the glass!!!!!

so yes. must eat now. b back l8r

Thursday, July 06, 2006

*slams Head on Wall*

Bags are packed.

Car is leaving.

Most bags are in the last seat where i am sitting, so if we make a sharp turn i shall be buried under groceries.

Yes, that's right. We had to bring our own GROCERIES. The island is that far away from civilization.

Well, see y'alls in a week, if i'm still sane.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I can't sleep cuz of all these weird dreams i've been having, even tho it's only 8 AM.
Dream #1: I go to the other middle school to visit molly and elizzy (yeah, you're special). then all of a sudden i'm in the middle of this huge gym and it's like a marching band contest or something freaky.
Dream #2: I have to go to a little leauge baseball game with my dad and some random dude i've never seen. i have to rollerblade back to the house for some reason. The random dude makes me cry. I watch the little leauge game, and there are random characters from seventh heaven in it.
Dream #3: i'm on some random school trip to a fair or something. basically the entirety (sp.?) of the dream is in this weird thrift store and all these peeps from school make appearences (Ello, Sam, Kim, Molly again, a bunch of random peeps who i'm not really friends with) and basically the entire time i'm all panicked cuz i have to find something but i don't know what.

THIS IS SO FRUSTERATING!!! i hate those kinds of dreams, cuz in every single one i was looking for something but couldnt find it and it made me all frantic and seriously now i can't go back to sleep and it's only 8 in the morning GRRRRR!!!

Well, that's it for now. Will probably post back with further rantings,


So i'm just sort of sitting here. i think at 10 i'll take a shower or something, and then i'll eat lunch and wait around for melissa and karen to get back from work so we can go SHOPPPPPIIINNNG! yay! Not telling youalls where cuz it's a place where i usually wouldnt go to shop but they have the BEST bags and if anyone asks i got them online!!! lol...spazzish...

Hmmm what shallllll i do for the next half-hour? ooh! i'll look up a dream analasys (sp.?) thingy online and see what my dream meant.

okay so there were people dancing in my dream in a marching band. it doesnt say what OTHER PEOPLE dancing means, but all the other stuff is good! but they were also i'll look up performing. aaand they don't have that. what about...panic!!

To dream that you are in a panic, indicates a lack of control and power in your life. You may be feeling helpless in some situation or unable to make a clear decision. (well, that's obvious.)

now, i was also riding a scooter in the second dream. so i'll look up scooter.

To see or ride a scooter in your dream, suggests that you are enjoying your position of power. (but...i fell off the scooter. could that mean that i'm enjoying my position of power in being the oldest but since i have older cousins i'm going to lose that?? or maybe i'll lose power to RYAN, which i HAVE been stressing all makes sense now.)

To dream that you are crying, signifies a release of negative emotions that is more likely caused by some waking situation rather than the events of the dream itself. Your dream is a way to regain some emotional balance and a way to safely let out your fears and frustrations. In our daily lives, we tend to ignore, deny, or repress our feelings. But in our dream state, our defense mechanisms are no longer on guard and thus allow for the release of such emotions. (huh...well that makes sense too.)

To dream that you are attending a baseball game, represents contentment and peace of mind. (um, no.)

To dream that you are at the fair, suggests that you have overcame some minor obstacle and ready to move forward with renewed energy (alright...what minor obstacle?)

To dream that you are shopping, indicates your needs and desires. Consider what you are shopping for and what needs you are try to fulfill. In particular, to dream that you are shopping for food and groceries, signifies your hidden attempt to buy the attention of others. (buy the attention of others??wtf??)

To dream that you are carrying a purse, signifies secrets which are being closely held and guarded. (only i was shopping for a purse, and i kept losing it...meaning that there was something that i wanted to keep a secret, but i accidentally let someone know and now i'm trying to take it back...?) To dream that you lost your purse, denotes loss of power and control of possessions. It also suggests that you may have lost touch with your real identity. (omg that's tru too...duuuude...and then sam showed up, and then kim showed up, and then other friends showed up...)

To see your friends in your dream, signifies aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to integrate these rejected part of yourself. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself. Additionally, this symbol foretells of happy tidings from them and the arrival of good news. (and there were none of my high-maintenence friends either. but then the dude i like showed up after my friends.)

To see your crush in your dream, represents your current infatuation with him or her. If you find yourself thinking about him during the day, then it is understandable that his image will appear in your dream during the night. (ok...)

So i have analyzed my dreams. good for that.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Apparently we may be leaving tomorrow instead of thursday. so all of y'alls...PRAY THAT I DON'T SEE ANY SNAKES OR I WILL MASSIVELY FLIP OUT!!! so yeah......

Okay soooo that site is officially the kewlest thing ever. which outfit do you like best as a sort of coming-back-to-school thing??
Outfit #1:

Outfit #2:

Susie Has a Cow on Her Head

I dunno. some random thing on a commercial. if there is anyone named Susie out there reading this, I apologize.

Anyways, yesterday was uneventful (you already said that five times!!). I had pizza for two meals and animal crackers and sour cream and onion chips for another. we watched the princess bride and...that other movie...umm.... ..... .... *trying to remember the stupid movie name*...oh yeah!! Mary poppins (we have a DVD player in the car). then my sister and my brother and I played 20 questions (boredom). I was the only person who didnt have things that were so simple they were obvious or stuff that was so bizarre and random that it was obvious...RHINESTONES!!! the word rhinestone reminds me of rhinoceros. hahah. I can SPELL!!! have to see the stupid pirates of the stupid Caribbean so that I can go to the second stupid pirates of the stupid Caribbean (there goes that spelling thing, i just had to spellcheck for the stupid caribbean). Caribbean is another funny word. It looks like Carry Bean. That could be someone's name. Lol...


Monday, July 03, 2006


not much to type. uneventful day in the car. taught my sister and brother how to say "my cat ate my neighbor's big red behind" in french (yes, we were that bored). fought with brother over who is going to sleep in the green room and who is going to sleep in the pink room (we both want the green room. my brother wants it cuz it's green. i want it cuz i'll get my own room plus there's a computer and a TV in here). My aunt Karen gave me some of these candy things that you lick and dip in other candy stuff. it's awesome. found website that's awesome.

okay. so. go on aim, and IM me. if you do not, i will chew your head off.

I thank you.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh, Canada

Now, since i suspect that a lot of people don't pay attention to the end or middle of posts, i must put the important info at the beginning. And make it tres conspicuous.
Okay, so now that i have your attention.
I am going to Canada and Michigan starting on Monday. There is obviously no Internet acess at the island in Canada, but there might be in Michigan. It depends on whether or not her computer works. I will be going to The Island on thursday and i'm not coming back until either the next wednesday or thursday. So i probably won't be posting for about a week. okay.

So now, about
My mom had a party for her birthday last nite, and it was INSANE. We spent most of the time on the zipline. Then my sister and Ben got into a water fight...or so we thought. See, we had dumped this instant kool-aide pack in this bucket of water before (me and my brother and his freinds and my sister did) and i thought that someone had emptied it out. Then ben goes, "Why does the water that emma is shooting me with smell so weird??" and yes, she was shooting him with gross old Kool-Aid. So that starts this huge rivalry, blah, blah, blah.

Of course a lot of you have heard that if you dump a full thing of mentos into a thing of diet coke it's supposed to explode right? Well, my parents heard that and decided that they just HAD to try it. And we put the mentos in and it exploded a little but not a huge amount or anything.

So i thought that it was done exploding and went over and started drinking from the bottle...

and it explodes. Typical.

then we played catch with the full bottle of coke. i think that my white shirt is permenetly ruined, but it was SO MUCH FUN.

Well, gtg. Missing you from Canada already,
P.S. Canada DOES have really good bouldering (i.e. rock climbing without ropes or harnesses). even though i'm not supposed to go on the cliff thing cuz apparently i'll fall. but come on.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Total Violation of Logic

That's my basic thought about today. And every day. I said that yesterday. And guess what? it's gonna be my new blog title!! Bwah.

Anyways, yesterday i went and babysat. It was pretty much easy for me that time tho. I have to explain this or it'll make 0 sense.

So there are two kids, Brad (who just turned 2) and Tyler (who is turning five). Me and my sister babysit together b/c dark, empty houses freak us out and we don't want to get "when a stranger calls"-ed. Emma mostly takes care of brad and i take care of Tyler. Emma loves little kids, and i can actually follow Tyler's bizarre trains of thought, which usually start with something like how scooby doo is brown and ends with "I like zuccini."

So we get there and they're both zoned out in front of a DVD of scooby-doo episodes. Emma and Brad go up to his room and listen to the curious george CD. I'm just like, "do you want to do anything Tyler?" and he's like "SHHHH scooby doo is on!!" So basically i sat there for an hour and watched TV. Then we had to make them go to bed, and that was when stuff got challenging.

So first we put Brad up in his bed and he did NOT want to go. Then he asked me where his mom is and starts crying and i'm like "Noooooo don't cry!!!" cuz he's so CUTE. Then i got him to hug a stuffed eagle and he was fine but he didnt go to bed until like nine. Basically we had to trick Tyler into going to sleep. He wanted to watch scooby doo (of course) so we had to tell him that we would just go read a book in his bed and then we could go back down. Then he completley passed out. It was funny...and then we just watched TV for the rest of the night. Bwah. Yeah, i'm cool like that.

And we're having a party for my mom today cuz it's her b-day. Cameron, Ben, Zoe, Sarah, George and Emma are ALL coming. GAKKK. I'll post back later with how THAT went.