Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I'M BACK!!! Canada was INSANE. First of all there were a lot of cousins and i was the oldest and had to take responsibility for them cuz the adults didnt feel like it. we mostly hung out in the bunkhouse cuz well there was a video game thingy in there. most conversations went like this:

Ryan: So then i rode down the escalator on the shopping cart and FLEW OFF.
Emma: Owwww.
Hailey: Did you REALLY do that or are you lying?
Micheal: I bet he's lying.
Ryan: I am not.
Nathan: Yeah. Plus your mom's in your apartment. **inside joke**
Micheal: SHE IS NOT!!!
Ryan *continuing story* and then the security guards were chasing us--
Breant *playing Mario Tennis with Will*: YESSS!! I kicked his @$$!!
Will: He's gonna kick you next time.
Ryan:-and he started screaming, 'Stop those kids!'-
Emma: Nathan, get off my head!
Micheal: I bet he was screaming cuz you're so UGLY.
Ryan:-and then we tried to run out of the Target-
Emma: Ali, can you make Nathan get off of my head?
Ali: Get off of nathan's head, emma.
Emma: No, HE'S on MY head.
Nathan: Die!!!
Hailey: Nathan, Michal Jackson is in your apartment.
Nathan: AW, THICK!! (he ment to say sick but he can't say S)
Ryan: -but the door was one of those automatic ones-
Emma: ALI!!!
Ali: Nathan, can you PLEASE get off of Emma's head?
Nathan: Fine. *jumps on brent's head*
Ali: I thought you were playing tennis.
Ryan: -and it wasnt' opening, but my friend tried to go through anyways-
Ali: Nathan, can you just NOT do that?
Micheal: everybody hates you nathan.
Nathan: Thut up.
Ryan:-and he made this huge crack in the glass!!!!!

so yes. must eat now. b back l8r


sam said...

just bizarre.

Carissa said...

I missed u. and i agree with sam.

Ali said...

awww i missed you too carissa!! i missed EVERYONE.

Molly Wobbles said...