Monday, July 31, 2006

Why i am ANGRY

1. this stupide new layout deleted every last one of my links.
2. WHO IS CHRIS!?!? The saga continues...
3. I must perform with certain male members of the theatre camp, most of whom annoy me very much.
4. I can't concentrate on anything
5. no one will talk to me
6. Theatre camp ENDS on friday!!!
7. My name is rose in the play. ROSE!!! i don't like that name!!!
8. no one is commenting
9. my computer is being estupide
10. i just am.


Ello said...

poor Ali
it will be ok!
oooh when is the play thingy?

Ali said...

play thingy is friday at 11 am, but don't come cuz i look stupid.

Sam said...

still here.