Saturday, July 01, 2006

Total Violation of Logic

That's my basic thought about today. And every day. I said that yesterday. And guess what? it's gonna be my new blog title!! Bwah.

Anyways, yesterday i went and babysat. It was pretty much easy for me that time tho. I have to explain this or it'll make 0 sense.

So there are two kids, Brad (who just turned 2) and Tyler (who is turning five). Me and my sister babysit together b/c dark, empty houses freak us out and we don't want to get "when a stranger calls"-ed. Emma mostly takes care of brad and i take care of Tyler. Emma loves little kids, and i can actually follow Tyler's bizarre trains of thought, which usually start with something like how scooby doo is brown and ends with "I like zuccini."

So we get there and they're both zoned out in front of a DVD of scooby-doo episodes. Emma and Brad go up to his room and listen to the curious george CD. I'm just like, "do you want to do anything Tyler?" and he's like "SHHHH scooby doo is on!!" So basically i sat there for an hour and watched TV. Then we had to make them go to bed, and that was when stuff got challenging.

So first we put Brad up in his bed and he did NOT want to go. Then he asked me where his mom is and starts crying and i'm like "Noooooo don't cry!!!" cuz he's so CUTE. Then i got him to hug a stuffed eagle and he was fine but he didnt go to bed until like nine. Basically we had to trick Tyler into going to sleep. He wanted to watch scooby doo (of course) so we had to tell him that we would just go read a book in his bed and then we could go back down. Then he completley passed out. It was funny...and then we just watched TV for the rest of the night. Bwah. Yeah, i'm cool like that.

And we're having a party for my mom today cuz it's her b-day. Cameron, Ben, Zoe, Sarah, George and Emma are ALL coming. GAKKK. I'll post back later with how THAT went.

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