Sunday, May 04, 2008

The "Nice Guy" brought down by a not-so-nice girl

So I basically ranted about this to a whole shitload of people and now I'm going to rant on my blog.

I read a couple of other peoples' blogs about this guy who made an open letter to his ex or someone on Craigslist, basically blasting her because she had the audacity to NOT HAVE SEX WITH HIM OHMYGODNOWAY.

I was greatly saddened when I read this. I mean, yes, guys in love are very, very stupid, BUT I DID NOT THINK THAT THEY WERE THIS STUPID. And, accordingly, I went through the five stages of grief.
Denial: This can't be real. Some guy wrote it as a publicity stunt. Or he was just in a car accident. Really. That must have been it.
Bargaining: Okay, I will give you five dollars if you shut up right now. Really. Swear. You can buy yourself a prostitute and distract yourself from the whole 'getting-revenge-through-the-Internet' thing.
Depression: I may just off myself now that I know that people can be so blatantly obtuse.
And, finally, Acceptance: Wait, no, hold up. I do not accept this at all.

First of all: Platonic, adj.: designating or of a relationship between a man and a woman that is purely spiritual or intellectual and without sexual activity.

If you refer to yourself as "a Platonic guy pal ", why would you expect anything to come of that relationship at all? The very word platonic, as defined above, suggests that neither person was expecting anything sexual to come of this relationship. You were anything BUT platonic: you were just irritating.

There is no such thing as a guy or a girl who is only nice. Everyone has their moments. Everyone's an asshole sometimes. The real "nice guys", or as close as you can get to them, don't have to label themselves that way.

What we have here is a case of a guy who just doesn't want to try. A guy who thinks that he DESERVES this girl. Why, he does not say, as he refers to himself as "a little too short, or too bald, or too fat, or too poor," someone who didn't know how to "dress himself, or basically be or do any of the things that your tall, good-looking, fit, rich, stylish boyfriend at the time pulled off with such ease."

Here's the thing: we could ignore that if you weren't so dense. If you had any redeeming personality traits at all. If, instead of following us around and expecting random sex in return, you had said, "Hey, guess what? I like you. Let's go out," there would have been a chance for us to say yes. WE WON'T SAY YES IF YOU DON'T ASK. We can't say no, either, but if this guy had given this girl the opportunity to say no, maybe he would have cut everything short before it came to him obsessing over her on the Internet.

There's that "he could be shy" excuse, but please. A "shy" person wouldn't freak out like this. Neither would a nice guy. There is a difference between shy and sweet and cowardly and vindictive. Guess which one Craigslist guy is? I mean, he's writing her an anonymous letter. He obviously knows where she lives (he sounds like a stalker, at least), so he could just out and SAY IT TO HER. But NO. It has to be as non confrontational and messed up as their whole "relationship".

So here's a message to any guy who's only hanging out with all your girl friends because you think that one day they're going to turn around and go, "Hey, you nasty, fat, bald, smelly, stalkery man, even though I've never indicated that I had any feelings for you, and even though you've never said a word to me that could keep me from leading you on in any way, shape or form, and even though you're totalling up every minute you spend shopping with me in your head as time I owe back to you....I WANT YOU. SERIOUSLY. I FIND YOUR BLATANT MISOGYNY SO ATTRACTIVE. LET'S FUCK."...just cut your losses now. It's not going to happen.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Ramones

So I tried blogging on that other one. It just didn't feel right. hahaha...anyways, I'm back. A little bit. Who knows if I'll stay?

One thing y'all should know about me: I have a talent for knowing useless stuff. After looking at the Wikipedia page for the Ramones once, I now know that the Ramones toured almost nonstop from the band's creation (in Queens) on, until the Lollapolooza in 1996, when they disbanded. I also know that all three original members of the band died within eight years of the breakup, and that their only really successful album was a b-side collaboration with a 50-or-so-page booklet on the history of the Ramones. Seriously.

So I really want to go back and re-read the rest of this article, right? The only problem is that totally vain reasons are keeping me from doing so. I fear that if I go back and read the rest of the article, either A) my brain will explode and leak out my ears, or B) I will forget all the things i read almost as quick as i forgot about that whole logarithms deal in Algebra. Seriously. And yes, it is just a bunch of useless information, but the absolute truth of the matter is that if I tell people those few facts, they will be either pretty impressed or think that I have no life. But if I forget, well, that sucks.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

This Epitomizes My Insanity

Sleep, sleep, severus sleep...


Ron, Ron, Ron Weasly...

Waitwaitwait. What the hell did I just do??

Okay, starting over.

Sleep. Sleep is good for you.

Huck Finn is an orange. No, honestly.

I obviously am not currently getting enough sleep.

Mustartd pretzels make my breath smell funky...

Snape, Snape, Severus--a'ldskjf;dslkj'IJ;AOJERWLKJLADKJ STOP!


Wow. That was me trying to just write the first thing that came into my head, like all those famous writers say. So I'll write the not-dirty parts of my train of thought.

My shirt(originally a BADDD TYPO) has skulls on it i'm staring at the y key it make s it hard to type also makes me want to write yellow. Yellow yellow yellow hugs monkey Laurel pant leg on a duck.

....I think I'm gonna jump off a bridge now.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weirdness of STUFFFFF

So I have thoughts buzzing around in my head right now and I'm trying to organize them without sounding emo. hahahaha. Anyways, basically, yeah...

Well, here's the thing: human beings have an enormous propensity to hope for things that they're never going to posses. Like the Buddhists say, all sadness is caused by your own desires and all that. That being said, pointless regret is really weird to me. Not the fact that people regret it, that's not it. It's, if it was exactly what you wanted when you were doing it, and it's just a relationship-type thing and not something huge, then why would you keep moaning on about it? Haha and Ii'm sooo guilty of doing that, but when you think about it, maybe you would regret not doing it more. Like, right now, something that I didn't do is a much bigger regret.

If someone does something shitty to you, it's not always your fault for being oblivious. I mean, yes, you may have been naiive, but if the person did nothing that might make you suspect them being a total dog, it's not your fault. They're sort of just a jackass for leading you on and maybe you can just move on and put it all the hell behind you. Blocking stuff out works damn good when you have this philosophy.

And now, I'm trying to get to my general point...alright, so basically, I think I may be regressing to a previous mind state thing. It wasn't that long ago that I was in this frame of mind.

BLAHHHHHHH stuff. I can't focus on this. Off to...whatever.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Philosophy: The Sequel.

Let me start out with this is not an attack on anybody. I lurrrve the person who made the post which I am responding to, but I have an opinion that I would like to state:

-My wardrobe does indulge in slutty clothing sometimes, though Uggs are made of dead animals so they are BADDDD.
-I am involved in no extracurriculars.
-The few talents I have are abstract, and I rarely display them. Which makes it sound like it's prostitution or something but seriously it's not lol.
-I don't even know if I'm GOING to college, much less what I would do once I got the hell out.
-Intimate relationships are extremely appealing to me. Not TOOOOO intimate, but y'know.
-I want to help the world, and I know what reforms I would make, but I don't think I'm informed enough to know that they would work.
-I am irresponsible, and my leadership skills basically sum up to bossy.
-Isn't spreading yourself out and experiencing life healthy?? Isn't all that matters that you enjoy something, no matter how well you do it?
-"We don't need no education!/We don't need no thought control!"
-Hah, well, I do in fact settle for mediocrity if I don't care about the subject.
-Oh, cmon. It's the 21st century over here. Unless you live in a tree, material objects (which include textbooks, instruments, even classrooms) are important. I agree, however, that they should under no curcumstances be considered more important than those we care about.
-Aren't we all on our way to doom, by such logic?
-Some people love sports. Not me, personally, but there's nothing wrong with them until you start caring.
-Parents should be handled with extreme caution, like dynomite.
-Despite such principles, I am not a bad person.

And now for some philosophy of my own:

When you take life too seriously, when you eschew things that evoke emotion, when you think that pure hatred of the world's problems will solve them, you will end up painted into a corner. Maybe some people LOVE feild hockey and soccer, maybe college isn't right for them. Hell, most people don't even know yet what they are going to do when they get out of high school, much less when they get out of college. If a 16-year-old is too young for a romantic relationship, isn't that same 16-year-old much too young to make decisions about IMPORTANT things like college and that? Hate doesn't motivate, nor does intimidation. All it will do is break down and discourage. Hell, dude, I don't think I'm a bad person because i'm generally apathetic. I care about some things, but I don't get manic. Because when I do that, when any person does that, they will not end up happy.

And happiness is key.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Little Bit O' Nothin.


Help me out here!

You don't have to be going to homecoming to say.