Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weirdness of STUFFFFF

So I have thoughts buzzing around in my head right now and I'm trying to organize them without sounding emo. hahahaha. Anyways, basically, yeah...

Well, here's the thing: human beings have an enormous propensity to hope for things that they're never going to posses. Like the Buddhists say, all sadness is caused by your own desires and all that. That being said, pointless regret is really weird to me. Not the fact that people regret it, that's not it. It's, if it was exactly what you wanted when you were doing it, and it's just a relationship-type thing and not something huge, then why would you keep moaning on about it? Haha and Ii'm sooo guilty of doing that, but when you think about it, maybe you would regret not doing it more. Like, right now, something that I didn't do is a much bigger regret.

If someone does something shitty to you, it's not always your fault for being oblivious. I mean, yes, you may have been naiive, but if the person did nothing that might make you suspect them being a total dog, it's not your fault. They're sort of just a jackass for leading you on and maybe you can just move on and put it all the hell behind you. Blocking stuff out works damn good when you have this philosophy.

And now, I'm trying to get to my general point...alright, so basically, I think I may be regressing to a previous mind state thing. It wasn't that long ago that I was in this frame of mind.

BLAHHHHHHH stuff. I can't focus on this. Off to...whatever.

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that... wasn't totally cryptic?