Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Say It!!

"Say it!"
"I'm not gonna say it."
"Say it."
"I'm not gonna say it."
"Say it."
"I'll tell **a certain person**that you like him!"
and that made me shut up. kim(the one who lives across the street not the one in my grade) says boo. because she's right here. and dropped a cd case on me.

also, i think that KIM might have said something STUPID around A CERTAIN PERSON!! and she's eating the frikkin cd case...and singing the jaws music. SHARK!!! and the weird part is that she didnt even have any XS. dduuuuude.....

so yah. about the day: i actually managed to finish most of my FDR reporty thingy. like, not the conclusion. but i'm not gonna even write that one. so yeah, the George Washington people went today. A Certain Someone gave an 8 minute speech and kept tripping over words and it was all really very atypical of him. and i was all trying to to pay attention VERY HARD so that's good! and sam was funny. and his groups for sandy hill suck.
And so we end with this thought:
P.S. I'm currently collecting funny quotes said by people in our skewl for my top ten. i have some but i need more, peeps!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Out! had to play this stupid ultimate frisbee/baseball game in gym today. not only was the 92┬║ heat making it hard to concentrate, but A Certain Someone was on my team and that made it even HARDER to concentrate!! then i realized that i was going to have to march in this weather!! like, in marching band!

Art was normal. i'm almost done my portrait.

Science was funny. We had to get ice and stuff and of course emily made me carry it GRR but then christie was totally oblivious to the fact that sam had all this ice in his hands and was like "Feel free to take your time!!" and then she did. haha. and stuff.

Math--we got our tests back. it was another one of those ones where the teacher goes, "it's going to be 66 points and four pages long!" and then no one finishes. actually, some people ME cuz i finished this time!! *claps* and then the test was only worth 60 cuz so many people didnt finish and i got a 57!!!! no, not percent, points. altho timmy got 65 points but w/e that's timmy. also the power went out and the hands on the clock started spinning really fast!! then this kid named drew was all "I'M THE DEVIL I'M MAKING THIS HAPPEN!!" which was weird.

Lunch/Act.-- I totally forget what happened, but somehow devon ended up laughing and spitting her cookie on kelso. it was like, um, okay...and then devon and i came up with a secret master plan!!! mwah hahahahahahaha!! only it's not evil cuz we use our super danger ranger powers for GOOD not EVILE!! don't ask...

Social Studies--We played the review game. i get 3 questions right!! yay!!

English--was weird. So i turned in my stuff and then found out that i got a 90% on my essay which was YAY! then i turned around and saw A Certain Someone staring at me. then he made a weird face. but i forgot to smile, so now i'll seem mean. or uptight. altho how anyone could think that i was uptight is anyone's guess.

French--we got to go outside and play elimination cuz it's too hot inside with no power or air conditioning. it's actually cooler outside under a tree. scary.

so theres my day. have fun.

stupid marching band. i was walking like a zombie the entire time. duuude. snore.
and he wasnt even there...o well it was still fun finding out that hey that dude was in my school!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Sucko Lifeguards

Okay so the project was....special....i ate like 50lbs of candy...especially the candycorn that i had to run out at 8:30 and was funny...i was like "OMG MOM I NEED SOME CANDYCORN!!" and she just said, "what???"

So then i went to the pool after typing my (sucky) english essay. Ben, Cameron, and Zoe were there. So were these other kids who also live near us, Sarah (who is ben and emma's age), George (who's a little older than my brother) and Emma Jr. (her real name isnt emma jr., we just call her that to differentiate (sp.?) her from my sister. she's about Zoe's age). So we swam around for a little while. Then when Sarah, George, and Emma Jr. left the rest of us started playing this game where someone says something and you have to jump off the diving board and act like that thing/person. there was this freaky girl there who i had never seen in my life and she was doing it with us and i was waiting in line for the diving board and she grabs my shoulders and goes, "BLAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

That didnt freak me out TOO much (not.) so then she said "Why are u scared of me?" and i was like, "I'M NOT I JUST WASNT EXPECTING THAT!" and i was cracking up and hyperventilating and then she did it AGAIN and i screamed more.

So then when i was leaving i heard these two lifeguards talking. the first one was up in that little chair thingy and the other one was on one of those recline-y chairs. They were talking about this other lifeguard. The first guy was all "when he's up there he just colors over his glasses with sharpie and falls asleep! ask him!" Then the one up in the chair said, "Dude, that's how you get fired and people die." and i laughed.


Just a very quick post before being cruelly forced to go to my french partner's house and pretend that candcorn can talk on a national holiday.
B4 dinner: i finished watching legally blonde and watched all the special features and stuff so that was fun.
Dinner: i had chicken. now, normally i don't like chicken but this kind was really good. i had only had one bite. so i go, "this is awesome what's in this stuff?" So i got up and looked at the box. Not only was it drenched in soy sauce, it was flavored with soy beans. And as many of u know i am deadly allergic to soy. so i didnt freak out TOOO much. **sarcasm**
After Dinner: I had to go to the grocery store and get candy corn and sourpatch kids for the french project. i am in love with whoever thought up the idea of candycorn in may, even if it is the crappy sugarfree kind.
so i gtg. i'll post later about the project.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Pink Post

my last post is horrendously long. scroll down if you want to read it.

In honor of the fact that i'm watching Legally Blonde 2, this post SHOULD be in pink. Noitice the bold, underlined and italicized "should". Meaning that i may or may not find how to do that...cuz don't u need some html? oh wait!!! a color button!!! niiiice.

So i have learned that the sunshine state is NOT Ohio. and that the girl from 24 is in that movie! and also that sally feild=the wicked witch of the west!! cuz she kept saying stuff about "I'll get her and her little dog too." and now it's this leigon of stupid girls...and elle calls them over this hotline with a pink phone and the one girl yells "CALL TO ACTIVATE PHONE TREE NUMBER 255! THIS IS NOT A FIRE DRILL PEOPLE! I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A FIRE DRILL!!" and then....omg its michal jackson!!! AHHHHHH!!!

well, back to the educational programming c/o Reese Witherspoon


So yesterday i went over to my nieghbors' house around fiveish. actually, they're not really my neighbors cuz we have to drive to get there but whatever. They have a little daughter named Zoe, a kid my brother's age named Cameron, and a kid my sister's age named Ben. It was like this little party thing. we brought like 50000 bags of chips. me and ben proceeded to eat almost every chip while i told him about how he was an iceburg living in tokyo. and it was based on a true story! there is a country called tokyo. there are such things as iceburgs. and there are people in tokyo who drive cars!! see? based on a true story!

so then Zoe wanted to know if we could all sleep over. We got to watch high school musical, so i said yes. The only thing is tho, their house is really hot. Especially upstairs. the basement is really cold though so we were going to sleep down there until my sister heard a noise and became convinced that it was Chukie or someone out of "When a Stranger Calls" and got me and Zoe so freaked out that we ended up going upstairs. Ben's room had a fan and is HUGE so we crashed there. i tripped over myself and ended up falling flat on my face in the hallway. this was about at 11PM. I was sleeping on the floor right next to this swivel chair that looked just like one that i used to have. I remembered that Emma had been really scared of the chair because she thought that the back of it looked like a snake. so i went, "Emma, look, a cobra."

It was really dark and teh chair was black so she had to lean in really close to see what i was talking about. Then she saw it and flipped out and started yelling. I was literally rolling around on the floor laughing. Zoe was freaking out. Ben was just looking at us like, "WTF?" Then, just when we thought Emma couldnt spaz any more, Cameron came out of the room to tell us that we were being to loud and that my brother was sleeping.

He was standing in the doorway and just looked like this big, dark shadow cuz he was wearing a really huge t-shirt. Emma sees him and starts screaming, "DARTH VADER!! DARTH VADER!!"

It took us about forever to get everyone calmed down. Then it was 12AM and no one was calm and we started to say all these random things, like how Ben's name should be B-jamin' and how the ceiling fan looked like an onion, all while Ben stared at us like, "WTF?"

The next morning we watched the demented cartoon movie on flash. is the link. it's awesome. seriously. especially when you're too tired to comprehend how stupid it is. and when you're yelling that Cameron's name is Pam-ron. And when Ben is a dementor. it was scary...scary times....

Wheee now i get to go to the pool and most likely fall asleep in the water!!!!!!

P.S. : There's this freaky...metal guitar...thumb...thing....akkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scarayyyyyy!!

Couldnt go to the pool because i got dizzy and fell over. so now i'm just going to bore you all with random facts.
When i get tired, i start thinking about stuff. Like how most girls pride themselves on telling their friends everything. the thing is, though, no one tells anyone everything. this is what has gotten me in trouble over the years: if one of my friends say that we tell each other everything, i'll be like, "um, no." i don't tell them everything because if i told them everythign that would be what is commonly classified as TMI. if i told them everything i would tell them when i found a penny on the ground or saw an ant and what i ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and what color my underwear is and stuff that you really would be just fine not knowing.

Telling a friend everything is often confused with telling them everything IMPORTANT. and it is true that i tell my friends almost everything that is important, because if i hold out on them then i'm pretty likely to blab later anyways. Plus, almost all of my friends tell me everything important as well, and i would like to return the favor.

Anyways. that was random. i'll probably b bak l8r...soo...IM or something losers!!

11:30: Look for measuring stuffs
11:56: Finds measuring stuff
12:00: Pours water. Some of it spills.
12:04: Tries to figure out how to turn on the stove.
12:06: Turns on stove, puts maccaroni in water. Wonders if it's supposed to look like that.
12:08: Water has all these white things on it and is smoking. That's not a good sign. and's hissing!!
12:10: Decides that maccaroni may be turning into an evil creation.
12:11: Water starts to boil. Tries to find a way to lift the pot into the sink and pour 6 cups of boiling water into the collinder thingy.
12:15: Manages to pour water out without maccaroni falling in sink or scalding self.
12:18: Gets all the other ingrediants. stirs it for like ever
12:24: Eats maccaroni. and guess what? IT TASTES LIKE MACCARONI AND NOT CHARCOAL!!! WH-HOOOOOO!!

**├ęditez nombre trois**

I've done almost everything i could think of. SO BORED cuz no one's on IM, and I've already slept, listened to the Rent CD in its entirety (sp?) and watched insipid cartoons and ate maccaroni. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

okay, wait. all those insipid cartoons have given me an idea for a topic: Why do all the superhero people do things in the most complicated way possible? like, instead of just getting a stupid spaceship, they have to have an INVISIBLE spaceship. because you know there's no way that someone could see THEM up there in the sky.

Plus, there's the issue of people thinking up really stupid characters/weapons. Like Aquaman. Okay, so he can talk to fish. and this "Like omg guys the mackeral down there told me all about how her boyfriend cheated on her with an angelfish." i guess he could, like, drop a whale on them...? And then Wonder Woman has that "Lasso of Truth". It's like, just slap them or something! or better yet, get one of those mace things like that person with the wings coming out of her back has! That would be more helpful than some stupid lasso. Plus they live in space. That's SUCH a bad idea. Wouldnt they burn up in the atmosphere or something when they tried to go to Earth??? God, they're such losers!! Especially that one dude who's all "Hooray for education!!!!!" He needs to get a life.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


i am totally soaked right now. my brother and these three brothers that live next door were having a water fight and i got the idea to use water baloons. of course, we didnt have any, so i started filling those big gallon siplock bags with water and dropping them out of the treehouse in my backyard. They made SUCH a cool noise and exploded all over the place. then there was this HUGE mud puddle and it was disgusting cuz someone jumped in it and i got splashed.

Of course, my brother and his friends are totally insane and so they started this game where if they answered a question wrong i got to dump the entire contents of a watering can from the treehouse over their heads. needless to say, that was fun (for me, at least). This one kid said that he could get any question right. then he got it wrong and cried because he had to get water dumped on him, even though he laughed when his brother got water dumped on HIM. smart kid.

After a while the little kid discovered the miricle of the garden hose and was very amused...until he held the nozzle the wrong way.

Annnnnnd....that was my day, basically.

Stuff I Would Like To Know

This was originally a post about how i wanted to put music on my blog. i have officially given up on that.
So, just so this isnt a toatl loss, i'll post some stuff i would like to know:

Why do guys say stuff that they're almost positive that you won't get, but they say it anyways just to make you obsess? I'm serious. Ask me for a full bio of a Gilmore Girls carachter and i can give it to you off the top of my head (usually including last names), but i cannot enterpret this one thing that one guy said almost a week ago. Of course, if one of my guy FRIENDS had said the thing to me, i would be all, "is that good or bad?" but the thing was that when the guy said the thing, emily was standing right next to me and asked and got the most disgusted look because she didnt know who some random comic book character was. so i figured that i better act like i knew who superman's girlfriend is or be given the death rays. so either this guy was telling me that i looked like terri hatcher or some cute comic. i really, reeeeeally hope its the second one.

Why do people hate P!nk so much? cuz she's contraversial? (i know i know i spelled that wrong) or cuz she's not hillary duff? i mean, i do buy the edited albums, but they're still GOOD without all the cursing. cuz that's another thing: people are all, "oh yeah I bought the parental advisory version and you didnt you wimp." it's like, okay, it's the same music!! i wouldnt have a problem with buying the unedited version, it's just that i have speakers in my room that, if i turn them up loud enoug, blast music to the entire house (you MUST blast P!nk. it's like, a law) and would rather not complicate my life by getting in trouble for basically dropping an F-bomb around my little brother.

Why do grades matter so much? and why is it that when your grades get lower, you don't get things taken away that RELATE to the grades? you just get whatever you like the best taken away. it really isnt fair.

and there are some rantings. have fun.

It's Me!!!

it took convincing....
a year without a blog...
manymanyMANY chain emails...
but finally, the day has come....
if you all havent figured it out yet from all the spasticness, this is ALI and if ur reading this welcome to my very first entry!!! *does victory dance*
and now to thank the people that inadvertantly (sp?) helped me get this blog: sam, frances, and tim. How did you help me? well, i needed something to convince my parents that blogger wasnt myspace and that i wouldnt be brutally murdered if i got a blog here, so i showed them your blogs. don't worry, they didnt actually read them. they just looked for pictures or curse words that could be considered bad and found none and now think that you guys are very creative and nice kids. so it works for the both of us.
if you know me (and you probably do) i write a top ten list every friday. since it's a saturday, that poses a problem. but hey who cares? now, for the inagural (sp?) list of ali's blog!!
Top Ten Things You Should Know About Me:
10. I use chatspeak. I know that it annoys the heck out of some of you, but i'll do it anyways. it's not just chatspeak, it's kind of...Ali-speak.
9. This is my fourth blog. I had three before. one was too mean. one was taken away as a punishment. one i said my full name on.
8. Despite this being my fourth blog, i have no idea how to do fairly basic things. like made a link. or do html. i'm going to ask frequently. if you don't like that, don't answer.
7. I comment/post obsessively. This is because i'm intrapersonal, meaning basically that when i'm bored, i want to talk and talk and talk. Sorry if it annoys you; I'm still going to do it.
6. I cannot spell. Okay, i'm good at some things, but if i don't care i'll spell it as it sounds.
5. Despite this, I have a fairly good writing style. I write a lot of sappy poetry and then some real life stories too.
4. I get into crazy moods. Crazy-bad, crazy-good, you will rarely find me not in an extreme.
3. I am sensitive. I get really guilty really easy.
2. I won't go looking for pity. Of course, that means that i don't tell people what the heck is going on, but yeah...whatever.
And the number-one thing to know about me: