Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's Me!!!

it took convincing....
a year without a blog...
manymanyMANY chain emails...
but finally, the day has come....
if you all havent figured it out yet from all the spasticness, this is ALI and if ur reading this welcome to my very first entry!!! *does victory dance*
and now to thank the people that inadvertantly (sp?) helped me get this blog: sam, frances, and tim. How did you help me? well, i needed something to convince my parents that blogger wasnt myspace and that i wouldnt be brutally murdered if i got a blog here, so i showed them your blogs. don't worry, they didnt actually read them. they just looked for pictures or curse words that could be considered bad and found none and now think that you guys are very creative and nice kids. so it works for the both of us.
if you know me (and you probably do) i write a top ten list every friday. since it's a saturday, that poses a problem. but hey who cares? now, for the inagural (sp?) list of ali's blog!!
Top Ten Things You Should Know About Me:
10. I use chatspeak. I know that it annoys the heck out of some of you, but i'll do it anyways. it's not just chatspeak, it's kind of...Ali-speak.
9. This is my fourth blog. I had three before. one was too mean. one was taken away as a punishment. one i said my full name on.
8. Despite this being my fourth blog, i have no idea how to do fairly basic things. like made a link. or do html. i'm going to ask frequently. if you don't like that, don't answer.
7. I comment/post obsessively. This is because i'm intrapersonal, meaning basically that when i'm bored, i want to talk and talk and talk. Sorry if it annoys you; I'm still going to do it.
6. I cannot spell. Okay, i'm good at some things, but if i don't care i'll spell it as it sounds.
5. Despite this, I have a fairly good writing style. I write a lot of sappy poetry and then some real life stories too.
4. I get into crazy moods. Crazy-bad, crazy-good, you will rarely find me not in an extreme.
3. I am sensitive. I get really guilty really easy.
2. I won't go looking for pity. Of course, that means that i don't tell people what the heck is going on, but yeah...whatever.
And the number-one thing to know about me:


Frances =) said...

Ali. . .geez. There's a link button. . .let me show you. Wait.

Elizzy said...

wow lol