Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stuff I Would Like To Know

This was originally a post about how i wanted to put music on my blog. i have officially given up on that.
So, just so this isnt a toatl loss, i'll post some stuff i would like to know:

Why do guys say stuff that they're almost positive that you won't get, but they say it anyways just to make you obsess? I'm serious. Ask me for a full bio of a Gilmore Girls carachter and i can give it to you off the top of my head (usually including last names), but i cannot enterpret this one thing that one guy said almost a week ago. Of course, if one of my guy FRIENDS had said the thing to me, i would be all, "is that good or bad?" but the thing was that when the guy said the thing, emily was standing right next to me and asked and got the most disgusted look because she didnt know who some random comic book character was. so i figured that i better act like i knew who superman's girlfriend is or be given the death rays. so either this guy was telling me that i looked like terri hatcher or some cute comic. i really, reeeeeally hope its the second one.

Why do people hate P!nk so much? cuz she's contraversial? (i know i know i spelled that wrong) or cuz she's not hillary duff? i mean, i do buy the edited albums, but they're still GOOD without all the cursing. cuz that's another thing: people are all, "oh yeah I bought the parental advisory version and you didnt you wimp." it's like, okay, it's the same music!! i wouldnt have a problem with buying the unedited version, it's just that i have speakers in my room that, if i turn them up loud enoug, blast music to the entire house (you MUST blast P!nk. it's like, a law) and would rather not complicate my life by getting in trouble for basically dropping an F-bomb around my little brother.

Why do grades matter so much? and why is it that when your grades get lower, you don't get things taken away that RELATE to the grades? you just get whatever you like the best taken away. it really isnt fair.

and there are some rantings. have fun.


Frances =) said...

Hey, Ali. . .IMing w/u now. Hopefully that helped. . .?
~Frances =)

Sam said...

yes. grades are bad.

simply because they are not a reflection on your I.Q. but rather on your orginization, memory, and work ethic.

personal friend of sam's said...

sam that's hardly going to make someone feel better about crummy grades

grades dont matter until high school and then they dont matter that much -- everybody goes to college etc.