Saturday, May 27, 2006


i am totally soaked right now. my brother and these three brothers that live next door were having a water fight and i got the idea to use water baloons. of course, we didnt have any, so i started filling those big gallon siplock bags with water and dropping them out of the treehouse in my backyard. They made SUCH a cool noise and exploded all over the place. then there was this HUGE mud puddle and it was disgusting cuz someone jumped in it and i got splashed.

Of course, my brother and his friends are totally insane and so they started this game where if they answered a question wrong i got to dump the entire contents of a watering can from the treehouse over their heads. needless to say, that was fun (for me, at least). This one kid said that he could get any question right. then he got it wrong and cried because he had to get water dumped on him, even though he laughed when his brother got water dumped on HIM. smart kid.

After a while the little kid discovered the miricle of the garden hose and was very amused...until he held the nozzle the wrong way.

Annnnnnd....that was my day, basically.


Anonymous said...

I'm the first one to comment! Ali loves to be the first one to comment!(But I don't know why?)

Ali said...

lol...maybe it's cuz i'm just cool like that.