Monday, May 29, 2006

Sucko Lifeguards

Okay so the project was....special....i ate like 50lbs of candy...especially the candycorn that i had to run out at 8:30 and was funny...i was like "OMG MOM I NEED SOME CANDYCORN!!" and she just said, "what???"

So then i went to the pool after typing my (sucky) english essay. Ben, Cameron, and Zoe were there. So were these other kids who also live near us, Sarah (who is ben and emma's age), George (who's a little older than my brother) and Emma Jr. (her real name isnt emma jr., we just call her that to differentiate (sp.?) her from my sister. she's about Zoe's age). So we swam around for a little while. Then when Sarah, George, and Emma Jr. left the rest of us started playing this game where someone says something and you have to jump off the diving board and act like that thing/person. there was this freaky girl there who i had never seen in my life and she was doing it with us and i was waiting in line for the diving board and she grabs my shoulders and goes, "BLAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

That didnt freak me out TOO much (not.) so then she said "Why are u scared of me?" and i was like, "I'M NOT I JUST WASNT EXPECTING THAT!" and i was cracking up and hyperventilating and then she did it AGAIN and i screamed more.

So then when i was leaving i heard these two lifeguards talking. the first one was up in that little chair thingy and the other one was on one of those recline-y chairs. They were talking about this other lifeguard. The first guy was all "when he's up there he just colors over his glasses with sharpie and falls asleep! ask him!" Then the one up in the chair said, "Dude, that's how you get fired and people die." and i laughed.


sam said...

what project?

Ali said...

a french project