Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Out!

omg...so...hot...we had to play this stupid ultimate frisbee/baseball game in gym today. not only was the 92º heat making it hard to concentrate, but A Certain Someone was on my team and that made it even HARDER to concentrate!! then i realized that i was going to have to march in this weather!! like, in marching band!

Art was normal. i'm almost done my portrait.

Science was funny. We had to get ice and stuff and of course emily made me carry it GRR but then christie was totally oblivious to the fact that sam had all this ice in his hands and was like "Feel free to take your time!!" and then she did. haha. and stuff.

Math--we got our tests back. it was another one of those ones where the teacher goes, "it's going to be 66 points and four pages long!" and then no one finishes. actually, some people did...like ME cuz i finished this time!! *claps* and then the test was only worth 60 cuz so many people didnt finish and i got a 57!!!! no, not percent, points. altho timmy got 65 points but w/e that's timmy. also the power went out and the hands on the clock started spinning really fast!! then this kid named drew was all "I'M THE DEVIL I'M MAKING THIS HAPPEN!!" which was weird.

Lunch/Act.-- I totally forget what happened, but somehow devon ended up laughing and spitting her cookie on kelso. it was like, um, okay...and then devon and i came up with a secret master plan!!! mwah hahahahahahaha!! only it's not evil cuz we use our super danger ranger powers for GOOD not EVILE!! don't ask...

Social Studies--We played the review game. i get 3 questions right!! yay!!

English--was weird. So i turned in my stuff and then found out that i got a 90% on my essay which was YAY! then i turned around and saw A Certain Someone staring at me. then he made a weird face. but i forgot to smile, so now i'll seem mean. or uptight. altho how anyone could think that i was uptight is anyone's guess.

French--we got to go outside and play elimination cuz it's too hot inside with no power or air conditioning. it's actually cooler outside under a tree. scary.

so theres my day. have fun.

stupid marching band. i was walking like a zombie the entire time. duuude. snore.
and he wasnt even there...o well it was still fun finding out that hey that dude was in my school!


Elizzy ^^ said...

my friend does flags! for marching band and she had to march

poor u guys!

Anonymous said...
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