Wednesday, July 26, 2006


today i was talking to my brother about all kinds of internet slang
and he goes "you say lol a lot online"
and i said "HISS"
and he said "DBAM!"
and i was like, "what's DBAM??"
and he said "Don't Be A Meanie."
and i thought about it and realized "we can make anything into an abbreviation."
And he said, "yeah!!"
So we decided to talk like that.
and i said, "omg, today in camp i broke a nail--"
"you said omg!! you say that too much! *imitating moi* Lyke, OMG!!!"
"DBAM! anyways, i was trying to think about how i could take it off without it hurting and i was in this group and we were supposed to be thinking of something that we could talk about around a table. so all of a sudden bob goes, 'how does that sound?' and i said, 'i'm not listening' and he was all 'WHY??' and i said 'cuz i broke a nail' and he was a meanie...and i said "SUBIHY!'"
"Shut up Bob i hate you."
"that's confusing."


Molly Wobbles said...

lol aren't younger siblings amusing?

Ali said...

oui oui

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