Friday, July 14, 2006

Emma's Birthday

so today's Emma's b-day. the day started out sort of crappy. i had a dream about a certain someone last night. and no, kim, it wasnt dirty. it was like, we were at a movie and he started yelling at me and calling me selfish and stuff. just weird. it felt really real and afterwards i woke up and cried for a while. but after that i was good-ish.

And my sister got the third season of gilmore girls on dvd!! i spent about 6 hrs today watching jess and rory make out. they are SO good together, particularly b/c they're really together in real life. it's just so sososososoo SWEET. altho i've officially resolved not to watch them break up until i'm in a better place. i do NOT like the jess/rory break up episode. i mean, hellooo he goes to CALIFORNIA!!! why would he do that???

gtg movie's on maybe bbl

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Frances =) said...

Hey Ali. . .I just read, like. . .your last 100 blog entry! LOL JK. Actually I read the last. . .3 or 4. The ones that I missed. Hm. . .someone? Is that why you told me about. . .ya? Aww Ali. . .