Monday, July 03, 2006


not much to type. uneventful day in the car. taught my sister and brother how to say "my cat ate my neighbor's big red behind" in french (yes, we were that bored). fought with brother over who is going to sleep in the green room and who is going to sleep in the pink room (we both want the green room. my brother wants it cuz it's green. i want it cuz i'll get my own room plus there's a computer and a TV in here). My aunt Karen gave me some of these candy things that you lick and dip in other candy stuff. it's awesome. found website that's awesome.

okay. so. go on aim, and IM me. if you do not, i will chew your head off.

I thank you.



Carissa said...

Hi. I guess ur not going to wilson for fireworks then?

Ali said...

nope. ur about the fourth person who's asked me that...