Monday, July 31, 2006

Why I Havent Posted in FOREVER (for me)

First off: the lip sync was AMAZING. All those who didn't come, well, i don't blame you, but it was AMAZING. After that we had to go to washington dc to meet these family friends for this fancy dinner and then go to their cabin in west virginia. We were all ticked off cuz we would have to collectively drive four and a half hours, not 2 and a half. So we drove to DC and when we got into the actual city we saw all these people holding signs that said stuff like "ACE WE LOVE YOU!!" and "GO KATHERINE!" with pix of the american idols. me and emma and will started saying, "oh, i wonder if they're going to drive by here or something!" and we drove down into the parking garage and these people were being all official and my mom turns around and says, "so there are people holding signs outside...and we have a ticket...what do you think that means? and then i was like "OMG...are we gonna see a concert?!?!?!"

And we were!!! See, mary (family friend) has a box in DC and we were gonna see the American Idol Concert!!!!! I know it's lame but hello two words: ACE. YOUNG. And he was so hottttt!!! yes FIVE t's!!! he kind of looked like a bug from where we were sitting but there was a screen and he sang Father Figure and Harder to Breathe. Father Figure was like the slow song and he was like taking off his jacket and everyone went WOOOOOO!!! And then Harder to Breathe was AMAZING v. rock and at the end he sang the last note and the guitar blasted and he kinda did this weird little jump and threw his beanie out into the crowd and all the lights went out! i wanted his beanie...and yeah there were 9 other people but he was the best!! It was weird tho cuz i expected to be as excited as my sister but i'm not big on celebrity worship...unless it's Ace, but it's still not like i would spaz or anything. I felt like i should have been in the mosh pit or something cuz all the people in the box that i didnt know was looking at me like "shut up!!!!" lol.

So theatre camp today was odd. First of all: a certain male member of the class cut his hair REALLY short. Overall impression is that at first sight it looks horrendous, but it's not that bad after your eyes adjust. Second of all: We got to do Freeze Frame today!!! bob and dan sr.'s was the funniest. the person b4 bob had smacked him in the eye with their invisible baseball bat, so the was holding his eye and the person was holding out their hand. then dan stepped in and bob said, "Why would you slap me? you just break my heart and walk away!" and everyone starts freaking out laughing. and dan started yelling back at him and bob goes "SHE MEANT NOTHING" and they're both really just yelling back and forth nonsensically (BIG WORD!!) while bev and crystal sat there like "what...the..." while we cracked up. then bob sort of collapsed on the floor and dan started shaking him and they were both just going "AAAAHHH!!!" but it didnt matter cuz you couldnt hear them over the laughing.

And btw sam, my name gets 310 results!! HAH!!! As my brother would say, i BEASTED tim...hahah!!!! Also, he says to ask you what camp you're going to cuz it sounds like fun to him. he's a minijock. plz xcuse.

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