Sunday, July 16, 2006

Very Easily Distracted

i was going to blog, and then i got caught up in a poll about if certain stars were better with the band or without. then i found one about if they should keep on acting or stick to singing. then i started doing one about nick lachey and jessica simpson and whether or not they're better off single. nick is, cuz then we don't have to worry about any crappy songs like that one that he wrote about the breakup w/jessica (and then the person that played jessica simpson in the music video looked like jessica ALBA and then everything evaporated when she was leaving and you were just like, "dude, that just makes us think, 'is that supposed to represent how jessica bought you everything and now she's trying to take it back??'"). but everyone voted that jessica was better off couplized cuz then at least someone can stop her from walking into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Can you tell that i am tired and easily distracted today??? Well, i am. i stayed up all night practically and i'm SO tired. and now i have to delete all the crusty old Aerosmith songs off of my iPod cuz my dad downloaded them there.


That was the sound that i just made. soemone broke a glass, and i have discovered that a large sugar intake+little sleep=twitchy. especially towards loud noises. i'm just SO tired...only three hrs sleep.

See?? everyone thinks that fiona apple is better off single. if she wasnt then she couldnt write those awesome breakup songs.

okay. i've actually started to care now. my eye is twitching. must sleep.


Molly Wobbles said...

who's fiona apple?

Ali said...

a siiiinger