Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Twue!

Due to popular demand and stuff, i have changed my blog name and caption. I will probably change it back in five minutes from writing this post, so celebrate while you can (bwah).

you know what's odd? i am growing a photographic memory, only not just with stuff i see. with stuff i hear too! AKKK it's almost as scary as, cuz i didnt have that great of a memory before.

And now my sister is asking me how to get to the place. What place?? And she stops talking and then says, "How do you get to the place????" and i say "WHAT PLACE??!?!?!" And then it's do you get to the anime....but there is no anime...that's any good at least. i'm watching that anime that was on molly's xanga...i mean blogger. so i need to type without looking. i have to read the subtitles. and make this screen really small. and the guys have dresses....just for no reason...this is one freaky anime...and the girl...with the insane obsession with a cartoon character...i never want to go to japan. the language scares moi.


Molly Wobbles said...

lol I'll post the episodes for you ali lol

Carissa said...

i like mr. bialous' keyboarding lessons. they become sooo useful.