Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Alright, as you're reading this, your first thought might be, "wow, this type is big." and let me just say that i don't know how it got like this. i'm making this type smaller.

of course, after a while, your eyes will probably drift up to the toolbar. and right near the word "Blogger", you might see a kitty. a pink kitty, to be exact. and you will think, "has that thing always been there?" and the answer is NO!! I, Ali, have put it there!!! without any help! now click on the kitty. go on, click it. now, move your mouse back down here.

See how the kitty follows your mouse? awwww! it's OCD kitty!!!!!!!! Follow, follow, follow...okay, and if you are sam or something and you are annoyed by my AMAZING neko (that's what they call it on the website), click it and it'll go back to the blogger icon. okay, that's it for now! and also the site that i got the neko on is http://webneko.net/. funfunfun!!


Frances =) said...

Wow you post often. . .
you need to get more readers!

Elizzy ^^ said...

NEKO!!!!!! it's soo cute!

i like the big font...lol!