Wednesday, June 14, 2006


we went to dorney park todayyyy! c'est amusant, mais il ne jolie pas. litter EVERYWHERE. Miss Cacciatore tried to get some kid to pick up some litter, but he just looked at her like "wtf" and walked off. well, what would you have done if some random adult came up to you like, "pick that up"? altho it WAS kind of fun to watch a kid disobey a teacher and not get in trouble.

At first i was with devon, ashley, jordan, jen, kelso, kathleen and amanda. they went on a roller coaster. then me and devon went to change into our bathing suits. by the time we walked out, all the other peeps were gone, but josh was there. so we went on the huge log flume thing (or as i call it, the "woosssshhhhhhhhh thing!") about twice. we walked around with josh until he and this other girl (simona i think) wanted to go on the big swirly swings. so then devon and i got airbrush henna while we waited for him. i got a huge thing that looks like a butterfly-shaped coil on my shoulder, and devon got the chinese symbol for happiness on hers.

then i went to lunch. of course, all i ended up eating was dippin' dots. at one point, being me and all, i forgot i had the dots on my spoon and accidentally flung them at angie and maddie! i apologized but they walked away and i thought they were mad so i told sam. he said "what did you do to them?" and i said "THIS" and flipped dippin' dots at them. then he threw some at me, the majority of which went down my shirt. and since dippin' dots are ice cream, they
A) are cold
B) melt
C) and did both
so i yelled at sam. then we went on water rides and stuff. we were singing and people were looking at us like "wtf". then sam was practicing pick up lines on me. i laughed. many times. so sam you really need to work on that. then we went back adn i fell asleep. lol.

there is one thing i look forward to, though. during the graduation, i'm wearing a spagetti strap dress. and you will be able to see the henna.

and about 500 moms will be all "THAT GIRL HAS A TATOO!!"


Carissa said...

SO MUCH FUN ON WATER RIDES TODAY! OMG! kelly actually thought u had a tatoo!

Ali said...

like my mom would ever let me.