Friday, June 09, 2006

From Solitary

First: don't ask me how, but the nekos have multiplied. i tried to add another one, and i think they had babies.

So solitary confinement turned out to be not all that solitary. There were a lot of people there. Of course, we all had our different reasons. Some had racked up diciplinary points. Some hadn't been a ble to pay. Some got their money in late. I was the only one who had been before. And let's face it: you see it once, you've seen it all.

So let's start with when i get there the first day, equipped with anti-boredom bag (i.e. a canvas Flower Show bag with all kinds of crap in it. I updated my Converses and Devon i swear if they were awesome b4 they're AMAZING now. also Josh was there and we were playing Oregon Trail and he made me and Holly B. characters and he was all, "Who should i make now?" and i was like "How about Devon then u can MARRY her!!" and the funny thing was that he didnt even deny that he WANNNTS u, he just pretended like he was glaring @ me.

So our sub was a total witch-with-a-B. She was like making us do packets. though she seemed to hate me a bit less than every1 else. lol. then we watched some stupid movie called the China Syndrome about a nuclear power plant about to explode. Basically nothing happened the entire begginging and middle of the movie. then near the end some spanish dude died, a guy got shot, and the power plant ALMOST exploded but didnt and nothing got resolved.

Then there was today. timmy came!! i was like "OMG TIMMYYYY!!!" then we got pizza from sal's and watched national treasure. annnnd...that was it!

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