Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stupid, Stupid

this is a conversation with devon. it really explains everything. frances told matt that i like him today. and here are the results of it, the aftermath that my tsunami emotions leave in their paths.

Devon: AAALI
Devon: i have TO TALK TO YOU
Ali: umm...DDDDEVON
Devon: I TALKED TO matt
Devon: on the buss
Ali: WTF
Ali: really?
Devon: ok
D: so i said heyy ,talk to me
A: ok
A: just stopped hyperventilating
D: and so he sits down next to me and says well, do u konw
D: and i said yeah i think
D: and then i said is it the francis and ali thing
A: aaaaahhhkkk
D: and he made this terrible face and said yeah
D: terrible as
D: like sad
A: ew he hates me
D: like this stomach turning sickness face
D: but sad
D: and so i said whats wrong
D: and he said so francis told me about ali liking me
D: and i said yeah
D: and he said "my god i feel terrible
D: and i said "how? talk to me
D: and he siad
D: he asked, did she know about hong the whole time
D: and i said no
A: um, yeah i did
D: i said u knew
D: but just didnt know that they were like serious
A: yes i did
D: and he was like "oh god
D: and i was like
A: "lord, somebody, somebody, somebody, can anybody find me somebody to love..."
A: that's a queen song
D: i mean he said "if id knew that i wouldnt have been so crazy at the dance
A: what crazy how?
D: and i said you were crazy
D: and he said no
D: but i danced with hong right in front of her
D: and i saw her crying
A: oh damn he did figure it out
D: and i said ohhh yeah,,,,,,,,,,welll////////
D: i meanwell...........
A: *ON*
D: and he said well i just feel terrible, i m a terrible person.
A: omg no he's not
A: he's not a terrible person
A: he's not
D: and im like well, what are you going to do
D: and he said i dont know
A: i'm a terrible person for making him feel like that
D: and i said "just dont act all sypathetic around her
D: i know she wouldnt want that
D: and then
A: he had to leave
D: and i sat thinking
D: you both feel terribe
D: and you, just are so......
D: ............alike
A: we are?
A: how?

and such. so i'm a horrible person. matt feels bad because of some overemotional emo bitch like me. why is it that the people i like i always hurt the most

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carissa said...

awww... poor ali! don't feel bad! *runs to cheer ali up*