Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Brighter Than Sunshine

Good song. Weird band name.

Anyways, i think that i've figured out how to make a link. So if
works and doesnt look totally creepy and weird, i figured it out. no wait nvm it didnt work.

So Ben, Cameron and Zoe are here for the day. Here are some of our quotes:
"I am Igor Karkaroff and I am here to lick your hiney."--Ben
"I am jelly roll, hear me roar!!"--Ben again
"Je suis un cookie!"--Me
"She's using cream cheese as an inhalent."--Emma
"We're blowing on Martin's predator, the aphid."--Cameron
"I am Jelly Roll Nose. He's Mr. Stubby Fat Thumbs."--Cameron
"But i don't WANT her to be disco barbie!!!!"--Zoe
"My thumb is obeaseing yours."--Will
"Aaand the phone is yelling at me."--Me
"He's not Mr. Gazebo. He's Bread."--Cameron
"There is nothing better than Oven'd."--Cameron again
"Nothing you say matters...because i have canned tofu." --Ben
b back with more later.
"MAKE GREAT AUNT TESSY PROUND!!!" --Will and Cameron, said in a scottish/english/australian accent (i couldnt tell which). They had a lot of variations on that, like, "I'm just doing it for aunt Tessy" and "It smells like my Great-Aunt Tessy." Obviously they got the whole aunt tessy thing from Harry Potter.
"Bennifer let me hug you!!" --kim


Kazimierz Nguyen said...
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Molly Wobbles said...

dude... thats some randome shizzz.....

Molly Wobbles said...

I, I do remember! and Hayden Christianson, hot with three "t"s oh, yeah XD