Monday, June 19, 2006

Crazy Weird Depression Crap

Today i went to the pool. I saw a couple of people from school there who i would have preferred not to see.
To keep my mind off a certain someone(s), i'm making a list. Of my goals.
1. Learn to sing well. (This is not working out too well. I think i'm breaking windows.)
2. If i learn to sing, play Elphaba in the play Wicked. I relate to her a lot.
3. Stop falling in love with guys who don't like me back.
4. See Wicked.
5. Get a new bathing suit. One that i can swim in.
6. Find a sport that i'm good at.
7. Finish my novel
8. Find a boyfriend
9. Stop thinking about how i'll never be with Matt
10. Stop obsessing over the fact that he thinks that he is a terrible person for me liking him even though it's totally not his fault.
11. Stop thinking that it's my fault that he feels this way.
12. Stop thinking about how I'll never be with "Mark". I'm getting a James Blunt complex. Next thing you know i'll be taking off my shirt in the snow and jumping off a bridge. (For my friends who don't watch VH1, James Blunt sings that song "You're Beautiful". It's sooo corny and it has the lines: and i don't know what to do/ cuz i'll never be with you. In the music video he pointlessly takes off his shirt and shoes-even though it's snowing in the video-and empties his pockets and lines up all of his possesions. it's very random. and as he says the last line, he's standing totally still...and then he turns around quite suddenly and jumps off a bridge, leaving first-time viewers of the video all, "WHAT?!?!?!?")
13. Stop listening to "No Good Deed" and "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked. I don't care how good they are, they're DEPRESSING.
14. Stop trying to hit the high notes in "As Long As You're Mine".
15. Stop accidentally pschycoanalyzing (i KNOW that i spelled that one wrong) people. It's not fun for them or me.
16. Stop imagining that fictional characters are real. THEY'RE NOT.
17. STOP thinking that i have some random personality disorder just because some random quiz says that i do.


Carissa said...

awwww. i <3 ali. feel HAPPY! it's SUMMER!

Sam said...

my list for you:

1. learn to spell things.
2. learn to hate people.
3. stop obsessing over whatever you're obsessing over.

Molly Wobbles said...
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Molly Wobbles said...

dude "as long as your mine" is such a sad song stop listening to wicked that thing made me cry O.o

Ali said...

sam what did you say that you deleted????