Saturday, June 03, 2006

No Fighting!

The title is inspired by the fact that i'm listening to "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira. The second thing that Wyclef Jean says is "No Fighting!" and it's just so completley random that i had to put it in my title.

This is my little thing that i have to get out there right now: I am a freak about internet safety. As in, if anyone comments on my blog and i don't know who they are i will spaz out and delete their comments and won't click on the link or anything. I am such a wimp that my parents have totally been able to drill that whole "everyone who tries to talk to you online who you don't know is a rapist who will track you down and murder you" thing into my head majorly. Just to let you know.

Okay, let me just say that i HATE HATE HATE FINALS!!! i'm sure that i'm not alone in this sentiment. my dad tried to get me studying and i had a mini panickattack. i dunnoooo, i could just be doing so much better things with my time! like, ya know, sleeping! shopping with ello for a graduation dress/skirt! pshhh school who needs it! well, according to my dad, me. my mom just asked me to try on some clothes or something...altho she cares about finals as much as my dad.

So i want to buy the song "Summer Nights" from Grease cuz i'm in a musical-y mood at the moment and i can halfway sing that song. only when i sing it it's all whispery-sounding cuz i'm afraid to sing loud! (my awful voice...i can't sing too high or too low.) John Travolta is rediculously hott on the cover of that. and yes i spelled rediculously wrong. too bad he's all old now. It does kind of have a bad moral! If you change yourself you'll get the guy. i've never been allowed to see the movie cuz apparently it's "innappropriate." from the five minutes i've seen of it, i guess i could see how my mom would say that, but come on. christie and emily and frances watched it!! *pouts* altho if i ever came along john travolta's character on the street, i would hit him in the eye. but that's just me.

I think that if i could sing one song, it would be "Somebody to Love" by Queen. i sing it anyways, just not well. lol. i love the part where the guy says, "But eeeeeeverybodywantstoputmedown, they say i'm going craaaazyyyy!!" tis fun to sing. my brother freaked out at me cuz i played it like 6 times in a row while he was trying to do hw. so yeah if i could sing well i would sing Somebody to Love. i already said it, but it needs repitition!! bwa haha...oh AND my brother won a cake! it looks like a paint pallet!! its awesome...oh great i have to go STUDY ughhhhh!!! my dad's still all mad................jwerhiodfhiosdfjlsdfjkldruiweruiowercdgnlsdfnjdfjiouioeruioeruio!!!!!! that was me being stressed.

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