Monday, June 05, 2006

All Y'alls!!

The title has absoloutly nothing to do with what i'm about to post. i just like saying all y'alls.

So here's my point: the schedule for that feild trip that i'm not going on? yeah, says that it's scattered thunderstorms the entire time!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! for, ya know, the people who are actually going. and the 7th grade trip has ALL thunderstorms scheduled for the first day of the trip and "scattered T-storms" scheduled for the other two days. gakk that sucks! when i went on that trip it was sunny the entire time and it ROCKED. MY. SOCKS.

A quote from my little brother's friend:
Evan: "We're trying to think of a game that's a combination of two games. Dodgeball Soccer didnt work out too well."
*Will pulls out a sword."
Evan: "Oh, yeah, like samaurai soccer is going to work any better!"

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