Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lists Are Fun

1. I'm making a list just like Molly. I stole her idea. Cuz i'm EVIL like that. Bwah.
2. My new abbreviated form of bwhahahahaha...etc. is bwah. If i'm feeling REALLY evil, then i'll say bwahahahaha...etc.
3. Do you know that thing where little kids won't shut up and you decide to just let them talk themselves out? Well, I have to do that with my 13-year-old friends. Feel bad for me yet? Well, it's not just a matter of talking. It's a matter of gloating. It gets to a point where it's almost cruel.
4. The Chosen. Let me just say how weird a book The Chosen is. It spends TEN PAGES on a monolauge about some not-too-important history, and then they spend a SENTANCE on things like the dad's heart attack and America beating Japan. HELLO?!?!?!?
5. i had some really yummy "chocolate pizza", aka pizza crust with nuttella and dark and white chocolate chips melted on. it was SOOOO chocolatey!!! it made me type real fast.....and hyperness!
6. The only thing that's dampening my hyperness is the thought of seeing matt again in just a few months and the thought of NOT seeing him for a whole Two and a half months. Also, not seeing the other person whose identidy must be masked for his (and my own) protection. And the stress of liking 2 guys at a time but in different ways.
7. Now i'm gonna explain that. I like Matt in a weird way. When my liking him hurt him, I would have done anything to take it back, to say "You're not horrible. Please blame me," and i could never talk to him without being all stupid-sounding. I liked him in a sort of underlying way that made all my emotions come to the surface unexpectedly. That's why i was always so spazzed over the whole thing at the dance. I still feel really bad that he ever found out.
8. With the other guy...let's just call him...Mark. Mark is one of my low-maintenece friends, and i love being around him. It's like aspirin for the soul cuz i don't like chicken soup. I always want to be around him. Also, i was apparently really obvious in "liking" him, because all these people (girls) guessed!!!! BUT I DIDNT REALIZE IT UNTIL FRIDAY!!! FRIDAY!!! i had been accused of liking him before that, even! CAN NO ONE ACCEPT THAT GUYS AND GIRLS CAN (SOMETIMES) BE FRIENDS WITHOUT ANY ROMANTIC ATTACHMENT?!?!? Altho i sort of disproved that...but still i didnt have a crush on him for almost the entire time! when i first was introduced to him he was completley odious to me!!! (Odious is a word that I use way too often on account of reading so many books that take place in/ were written in the late 1800's in England. plz Xcuse.)
9. So that's it.
10. Oh no wait!!! Carissa--Panic! at the Disco is this awesome band that i've been listening to recently. is a place where you can listen to samples of their music.


Molly Wobbles said...

lol you stole my idea damn you! j/k

Damn theese 100Calorie pack oreos are good...

I must read the alchemist because I dropped a level from what my mother was saying w/ all the papels and shtuff.

Ali said...

ah no...that est sucko!!!