Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Meeting

So, yesterday was the meeting thingy. Tres amusant. It took like forever to get to sam's house cuz of it being so rainy that garbage cans and rocks and things just sort of floated out into the road and made driving tres mal. Then i got there and Sam's adorable dog sort of jumped all over me. then i was bait to get the dog upstairs. Funny.

So after everyone (i.e. Angie, Maddie, Jen, Jesse, and Frances) got there we tried to work but kept veering off course. like, if we had been racecars we would have been in the tires. Sam sat there going quietly insane for a while but then he was just as bad as the rest of us. Then people started daring other people to chug hot sauce and we made s'mores and by that time any prospect of getting work done was almost totally gone. Maddie, Angie, Jen, Sam's sister Rachel, and some random dude named Jon were playing texas hold'em and Jesse, Sam, Frances and I were fooling around in the little office-y place. Actually, Sam was dictating scripts to Frances, who was typing them. I was lying on the floor talking to Jesse. Of course, Sam decided that he wasnt going to let me get up and kept pushing me back down. Then he kicked me and when i went to hit him i missed and slammed my elbow into the floor. Hilarity ensues. In that brief timespace, i managed to decide that i was going to dye my hair purple (and i swear by that), turn on the paper shredder by accident, freak out at the rubix-cube-y clock for being confusing, and make the little fake moving fish thingy leak all over the printer. And that whole "guy talk/girl talk" thing. ("Yeah man how many steriods did you take today?")

So then i'm trying to type something. We're running out of time, and sam decides that he should push me off the chair. While he is doing this, frances doesnt see me under sam and decides that she should just push sam off the chair. So then somehow it ends up that i get pushed off the chair and into the table and the chair flips over and it's just this big mess of people and chairs and paper. It was amusing besides that my knee hurt. Then we listened in on Angie and Jeff on speakerphone and Sam convinced me like five times that he was calling Christie to tell her that Jesse and i made out (WE DIDNT). I think i sort of offended Jesse by saying "EEEEWWWWWWWW!!" when sam suggested that possibility. Then my dad came and talked about our basement and i was amused at how parents talk about such boring things.

I think that this is getting kind of long, but i don't have much else to say. I might edit back later with how Bead Camp went.

I made this awesome necklace at BC today (bead camp, not brittish columbia). Here is un picture:

w00t! and it would have been even more awesome if i hadnt messed it up so bad and had to redo it...but still...YAY!


Carissa said...

Bead camp?
and i didn't come to meeting.

Molly Wobbles said...


Molly Wobbles said...

what guy gay? what the heck are you talking about