Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Mallllllllllllllllllllll!!!

my title was originally the name of the mall, but then i realized that it would give away my super-top-secret location. but anyways, the name of this certain mall is very easy to misspell. so i keep accidentally hitting the wrong buttons when i type it and makes the name sound ridiculous (sp?)

See?!?!?! i just spent a really long time typing that (sp.?) thing. ok from now on no more editing out my typos.

So my dad really want s me to go to the mall early because basically hae hates the meall. My sister doesnt really want to go wthich is sorto of suprising cuz i thought that she would. my brother (what a shock) completley despicses aoony thing that hinvonles clothes and large numbers of girls. my idea whas to drop him and my dad in sports authority and mye nand emma could gor llook for a dress. See!! this is whow bad i really type! i should try the hnail polish thmethond that i used for my Xanga. see, i would bpaint my nails this really great shade of purple and i waould watch them as i was hitting the keys cuz ewell they were so KEWL!!!!! i loved that purp,e....i wonder what happeened to it? mmmmm....YAY! mall time. i'll edidt back later.


Anonymous said...

you know, blogspot does have spell check

Sam said...

now i'll try.

you know you could just alternatively use the backspace key. well i ahvent made a mistkae yet. oh wait therea re a jfew. hemm maybe a few more beofre i stosp. okay... now im dones.