Friday, June 16, 2006


i had to delete this post because guys are egotistical. i got an email/IM from all these guys (shockingly, the real guy has yet to tell me that he thinks it was him) that i know being all, "it's me isnt it."

to which the response is NO you morons it SO was NOT even CLOSE any of you GAAAAH see frances honesty is overrated.

10. Bewitched (saw it. want to see it again.)
9. Just Like Heaven (reese witherspoon is awesome!!)
8. Gilmore Girls Box Sets (not really a movie but still)
7. Rent (i know i know i STILL havent seen it.)
6. School of Rock (once again, i've seen it but not for a few years. i can't remember it!)
5. Nacho Libre (looks immature but funny)
4. The film for Inkheart!!! i don't know if it's even out or if it's just in german either way, but i still really wanna see it!
3. The Lakehouse (but only to make fun of it)
2. Star Wars 3 (so what if I've seen it? you can never get enough Hayden Christansen!!)
1. The Devil Wears Prada (Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep? AND Anne Hathaway's a journalist? AND they're wearing Prada? w00t!!!


Sam said...


Ever so curious. A serious predicament.

Frances =) said...

Hey, Ali.
We talked about this on the phone already. . .
~Frances =)