Thursday, June 29, 2006


A quizz from kim's myspace. my answers are in orange:
yOuR pIcK !
Blueberry or Strawberry
Hard Candy or Urban Decay
Hard Candy
NYC or Florida
Umm, in the winter florida. In the summer NYC
Bitch or Slut
The OC or One Tree Hill
Fully the OC, cuz One Tree Hill is tres annoying
Adam Brody or Benjamin Mackenzie
adam brody
Love Life or Hate Life
Love Life, even if i don't have one.
Dance Dance Dance or Sing Sing Sing
I guess sing cuz i can't do either.
American Eagle or PacSun
Short Skirts or Long Skirts
pretty long flowy skirts
Hugs or Kisses
Kisses ;)
M Ms or Skittles
Wendys or McDonalds
Wendy's cuz McDonald's is so much more fatty
The Clash or The Ramones
the ramones
Green Day or Yellowcard
Ashlee Simpson or Jessica Simpson
jessica simpson cuz as ditzy as she is at least she's not a colossal FAKE
Paris Hilton or Nicky Hilton
Nicky. I don't particularlly like either of them , but i'm tres anti-Paris.
London or Japan
London all the way, at least they speak english there. Altho i could get molly to come with me and translate (in japan)
Beach or Pool
Beach totally!
Cosmopolitan or Vogue
I dunno i don't read either
Shop Til You Drop ? or No
shope til you DIE
Wild or Crazy
Crazy Wild
Smart or Stupid
Stupidly Smart
Nails Painted or Clean
Painted in a different color every day
Applebees or TGIF's
Bike Riding or Hiking
both are kewl..i guess
Love or Laughter
Loving Laughter
Smiles or Frowns
Big happy smiles! *scatters daisies*
Shade or Sun
Love Being Tan ? or No
Funky or Groovy
funky cuz groovy is with hippies
Hot or Cold
Hot i can't stand cold weather
Snowboarding or Skiing
Snowboarding cuz well i can't ski!!
Myspace or Livejournal
MP3 or Ipod
Peanut Butter or Jelly
Jelly cuz i'm allergic to pb
Butter or Creamcheese
Creamcheese but only the goood kind
Sexy or Lovely
Lovely cuz God knows i can't be sexy for my life
Classic or Ordinary
i dunno..
Shy or Loud
'Thats Hot' or 'Loves It'
Neither cuz one is stupid and one is by paris hilton
Watch Soap Operas ? or No Way
ugh no. bad scenery, bad camerawork, bad lighting, bad acting, bad plots...etc.
Drama Queen or Queen of the Universe
Drama Queen
Jupiter or Mars
Jupiter...i <3>
K-Mart of Wal-mart
If i had to pick, Kmart b/c wall-mart is evile
Dogs or Cats
I Love You or You Love Me
i love you
Sparkle or Shine sparkly makeup!!
Hyper or Energetic
Math or Literature
is literature english? either way, i suck at math, so literature.
Reading or No Thats Geeky
i read all the time
Single or Taken
single but hopefully not for long ;)
Carbs or Sugars
sugars. carbs don't even taste that good...wait can you taste a carb on its own?
Sweet or Sour
sour like sour patch kids!
Naughty or Nice
A little naughty, a little nice
Diamonds or Pearls
diamonds. i think yellow diamonds are the kewlest ever. Not that i could ever get one ever, but they're just so kewl looking!
Piercings (besides ears) ?
Fun or Boring
FUN...i think!

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