Sunday, June 04, 2006


Emily, thank you for loaning me that CD!!!!!!!! it's so kewl! actually, i've been obsessing about it for a while, so i had to get frances to give me a spoilers website. cuz seriously, how can you listen to the CD and not be all, "WTF WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!?!?!?!?!?" especially if ur me and you get all, "omg...poor elphaba! poor fiyero (sp.?)!! WAHHHHH!!!" well, at least fiyero didnt die!!! that's positive! and now i get what sam was talking about all those times when he was talking about people's bad but i don't like Boq cuz first of all his name confuses me and second of all he acts like he likes nessa when he doesnt!!! so it's really his fault that he got turned into tin. oooh omg i looove this part!!!!!! where galinda/glinda (yet another name that confuses me) gives elphaba the ugly hat! i swear to God, whoever thought up this thing must looove thinking up confusing names. examples: Nessa is also Nessarose and i don't know how to pronouce it. Galinda turns into Glinda halfway thru the stupid thing. Elphaba is really hard to pronounce, and also people call her Elphie. Fiyero is hard to spell. GRRRR!!!! one short day in the emerald cityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! lol. fun. i'm totally asking for tickets for my birthday.

Be afraid, sam, i think i have joined your cult of musical-lovers. but don't expect me to burst into song anytime soon. the most you'll get out of me is some humming. a LOT of humming. TONS of humming. hmm hmmm hmmmm in the emerald city!

Bwa haha...Ali has gone bye-bye.


Elizzy! said...

lol...hav you seen the Phantom of the Opera??? that's the bestttt musical in the world

Frances =) said...

I heart Wicked!
And Phantom! Lol.
~Frances =)