Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Why talk about my uneventful day when there's a whole section in comcast called "Strange News"? Here's some headlines for ya:

Bus Hits Ditch As Riders Photograph Moose

Robber Leaves Check Book in Bank

22-Month Old Baby Loves to Water Ski

82 Cats Seized From Smelly Calif. Home

Dead Thief Proven Not So Dead After All

Britons Arrested for Streaking in Greece

oh great, my dad and sibs are playing Sorry. My dad is trying to be gansta. Must go put a stop to high leval of weirdness in the living room before the windows implode or i start screaming. implode, isnt that a cool word?


Sam said...

you should link to it.

Molly Wobbles said...

a. I was on vacation

b. have fun stopping your dad lol

c. I like the last headline XD were they dudes??? I hope lol