Thursday, August 24, 2006

Call Me When You're Sober

That's the title of a really great song...Evanescence if you're interested.

So band camp was better today. I had the best time eating pizza with Hillary, Sarah, Molly, Katie and Julie (is that her name???). Then sam came. Then sam left. Then we started talking about the pizza guy on the Sal's box. First i said "He's scary" and then someone said "No he's sexy" and then sarah said "He's hot and delicious" cuz it says "Hot and Delicious" under his face. Then sam came back and we were like, "Do you think he's hot and delicious?" and he was like "WHAT?!?!?" Then I tried to open the altoids box. It did like 193818972 flips in the air. Yeah. Don't ask.

So after lunch Matt came up to me and started talking, and i'm afraid i was really mean! i didnt mean to be, it's just that...oh my God it's just so AWKWARD cuz he knows and i know he knows and i think he knows i know he knows and now i feel like i should apologize or something....akkk. *throttles self* I might end up doing that and make a bigger fool of myself. I guess it was kinda brave of him to come up to me around my friends, tho. But i'm not brave. I'm a million miles and five steps away from brave. This whole situation is wrong with added bits of wrongness.


Carissa said...

i saw u at band camp! i need to talk to u. but ur a flute so i never see u. and I CAME AND GOTTED PIZZA TOO! (thanx for that btw) why did you not mention meh???

Molly Wobbles said...

yesh that is her name XD

XD he is hot and delishis <---spelling

Stop stressing about that!!!!!! he seems like a nice guy ali so don't freak out about it

is there anything you want with your marshmello?? XD that sounds wierd... I'm almost done with half of julie's chain thingy so yeah

Elizabeth said...

i <3 evanescence, but their new song is not near as good as their older stuff!!! (basically it's worse than the CD fallen)