Friday, August 11, 2006


i totally got the est haircut EVER. it's all flippy at the ends and choppy and goes with le highlights. also my bangs are more of a swoopy thing and not totally grown out. no, it's not actual bangs. i learned my lesson there and never plan to do it again.

I'm a tad bit dreading the whole marching band camp thing, mostly because i suck at memorizing music and every flute is at least 2 yrs ahead of me, experience-wise (i started in the 6th grade instead of the fourth) and i'm not all too enthusiastic about standing outside in a parking lot in the superhot weather from 2 to 8. or actually being in marching band at all. i have a feeling that someone is going to be frowning at my hair, in which case i will grab a tuba and shove it over the person's head and get that kid with the long hair to play it really loud at the same time.


I'm thinking about it, and seriously, the summer is nearly gone. And as much as you guys have all been talking about being so bored, i love summer to the last minute. The hot weather, my birthday, visiting my cousins (they're a pain but an entertaining pain), not having to deal with the people. Maybe i'm sort of hiding a little, but it's like recharging. All year you have to worry about, "did i do that right? is he looking at me? what grades did i get? how much do i have to hate myself today?" In the summer it's like, "Ahhhh...what a releif." I can write, I can read, I'm free to do whatever i am. I can wear my white skirt in the grass and lay on the lawn without a single thought. And that's rare for me. It's not like i'm going to be sad to see my friends or anything, but it's gotten so weird. I was talking to an unnamed friend yesterday, and for some reason i pictured his/her face. And i completley recoiled. I was like, "Oh my God, who IS this person?? Am i seriously talking to [name here]???" Grrrr. Ah, well. i'll try not to think about it. And when it all ends, I'll cry a little and go back in again, looking for a little moment to keep me going until next summer. It's weird how it is. Some people decide to be totally great with school and can't WAIT for the summer to end. Other people only really live during the summer, when no one is there to judge.

Either way, summer's almost over. And my point is that i'm just pissed about that.


nerdjedi said...

You only need to memorize two songs for marching band.

Ali said...

WHAT?!?!?!?!? how come i didnt know that?!?!?!

Molly Wobbles said...

only two????

which ones????

I only have para and parts of the patriotic songs... and not most of the others O.o