Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Band Camp: The Drama

Band Camp has been good b/c:
I get to see my friends
At least it's not early
I'm not just sitting around and eating all day

Band camp is BAD b/c:
It gives me time to think. Ya know during the loop when we're mindlessly marching. When we did 3 loops i started getting a little dizzy and thinking weird things like "Why can't we walk with one foot?" and "What makes that person's hair so poofy it's like MARS-SIZED (what?!?!?)" and "We should have seven fingers".
I have people grammatically correcting me/fast food cups
There is always someone yelling
I have daily unplesent/odd run-ins with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (no not lord voldemort, i just like how that sounds. He is the Artiste Formerly Known As A Certain Person).
I have almost 0 time to update/ look at other peep's blogs
Bob is seriously beginning to scare me. Like, more than he already did.
I have started having these seriously damaging trains of thought. Not like DAMAGING damaging but i kind of get all deep-ish which can easily segway into emo, and all of a sudden i thought: There are some times when you wish that you couldnt feel anything, and i have those a lot. But then there are those moments when you feel so top-of-the-world great that you wouldnt trade it in for anything. I know this because of a smile. A smile that i waited for for so long and then did everything i could to avoid. And when it happened, I shot up in the air...and then came crashing right back down and wanted to cry.

All this while surronded by tubas and insane drummers. Geez.


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i went to stoga on tues but i didnt c u! i saw peeps in band room doing nothing, tho.

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the bhb