Saturday, August 26, 2006

National Emo Day

Today is National Emo Day. Balloons will be handed out, Fall Out Boy songs will be played all day long, flags will be flown at half-mast, razors will be 75% off. The president will attempt to pass a bill banning good attitudes and making it National Emo Year.

Just kidding.

Can you tell that I'm in a little bit of a bad mood? During summers, i love weekdays and hate hate HATE weekends. Especially ones like this, where it's not rainy but really dark all day, all undecided. It's a little like my mood, when you think about it. Really dark but not ready to open up and let myself cry, not even sure if i want to cry at all. It's giving me a little headache, and i havent talked to my friends all day. It's giving me time to think, and that is really, really dangerous, becuase i let myself get carried away and sometimes i sit there for an hours and just imagine what should/ could/ would have happened.

So in an attempt to distract myself, i decided to go play hide and seek with my neighbors. i sucked at hiding, but i sucked even more at the whole seeking thing. Basically i would find the one person who had the brilliant idea of hiding in the treehouse (even tho i counted right THERE three feet away on the deck) and then let them find everyone else. then i stopped playing and by the time i was done justin was missing...after painting our driveway. yes, that's right, blue paint. Ugh.

Now i have to eat. Byeaz.


So. I ate dinner. Had an allergic reaction to some plums. I like plums, but they make me sneeze. And itch. Ate some good chicken. Had to choose an ice cream place. Me and will dominated, cuz we voted. My dad told will about some lawyer-y tactic about how will could have the power over the choosings. so then he sided with me and we're going to coldstones. Yay. Started to feel all floaty, so i took some Benadryl. I took two once and slept for a loooooong time. So this time i took one. Still feeling floaty.


Anonymous said...

ok, i just read your complete profile, and found out you liked Gilmore Girls. i love gilmore girls. also, princess bride rocks. yup. sorry if this is weird, i'm in a weird mode today.

Ali said...

who is anonymous?? must know...

Molly Wobbles said...

benadryl makes me clazy XD

Carissa said...

i think anonymous was kelly. just bcuz.