Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Uneventful Friday Nights ( And Some of the Day, Too.)

So we did the play. i dislike corina more than i did before because she accused me of skipping a part but really charlotte did and i told her that and then she ignored me and told everyone behind us in line that i messed up. She also got mascara on my face. I rubbed it off too hard and got a huge bruise on my eye. it's still there. Then i had pizza with my mom and dad. will and emma were at sleepovers. then i watched dateline with my mom and dad. when my dad left i watched "What Not to Wear". Good shows. Fefe's new CD is out. They don't have it on iTunes. Meanies.

So i'm too tired to post much now. I'll wait until my dad brings back cold stones ice cream. expect a sugar-filled rant here later.

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Carissa said...

yay for coldstone.