Monday, August 07, 2006





I bet you didnt beleive me, all you peeps who i told i would do it. i bet you thought i was just being weird, didnt you? But no. Ohhh, no. I really did it.

I dyed my hair purple.

Well, strands of it, anyways. I just wanted to make your heart stop. Did it start up again? Yes? Good. It looks GREAT!!! I <3 it SOOOOOO much! it's just so...purpley (it is SO a word!!) and permanent, too.

BWHAHAHAH! okay, now i'm REALLY done with this. But see? You should always beleive your friendly neighborhood Ali when she says, "The next time you see me, my hair will be purple." She keeps her word, especially when they run out of red hair dye at the drugstore. Talking in third person is fun. Ali is amused. Ali is going to go eat maccaroni now. She giggles at your surprise. She also says that anyone who doesnt beleive her may request pictures and she will send them.



Molly Wobbles said...

XD nice

Now I can become a kelp head XD

green XD totally

Molly Wobbles said...
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Elizzy said...


purple looks better than red would, neway