Thursday, August 10, 2006


Oh. My. God. I just saw The Notebook, and i literally cannot stop crying. Which is weird cuz i usually don't cry during movies. Maybe like four. But in this one it's like *SOB*!!!! It's so so so sad! At the beginning there's this old guy and he's reading to this old lady with Alzheimers (sp.?) about these two peeps in the 1940's, this rich girl named Allie (well don't i feel special) and this not-rich guy named noah (not even going to try to read into this one). So Allie and Noah get set up on a date or something (i missed that part) and then they start going out and "then they were inseperable (sp.?)" as the movie said. But then they had to go to different places after the summer was over (she had to go to sarah lawrence and he was staying in the town) and they had a huge fight and Allie had to leave and Noah wrote her 365 letters and the mom hid them all. Then Noah became a soldier and when he got back he found out that he could buy this house-y/plantation thing that he and Allie had liked. Meanwhile she (Allie) became a nurse and met this dude who was a wounded soldier in a hospital who was a LOSER and his name was like two letters but whatever he was a total moron and then she was gonna marry him but while she was shopping for wedding dresses she saw a picture of noah in the paper and she remembered how she had told him that she wanted him to turn this old beat-down plantation into white house with blue shutters and a big porch and he DID so she goes to the house and finds out that (OMG) the mom took the letters and then she's like yaaaay kiss noah and then her mom comes and gives her the letters and she and noah have a huge fight and she goes back to the stupid fiance dude whose name i can't remember and talks to him for a while. But during that whole story it was like the old guy was reading to the old lady and you find out that (OMGx2) the old lady is Allie and that (OMGx3) the old guy is Noah. And then when younger Allie goes to meet the fiance buttface man, it goes back to the old guy and he says, "And they lived happily ever after" and the old lady says "WITH WHO...? Of course!!" and then it goes back to Allie and Noah and she runs back and decides to marry him. Then older Allie is all remembering stuff but then all of a sudden she forgets and starts FREAKING out and they have to like sedate her and then later old Noah has a heart attack and then he gets sort of better and he and Allie are both in the hospital and he sneaks into her room and Allie remembers and then they fall asleep and then the nurse comes into the room in the morning and (OMGx4) they're both DEAD. But soemhow that's happier if they had lived.

So that was LONG. Well, i'm gonna go do a googlewhack. That's when you search something on google and look for the Perfect 1, i.e. getting only one thing. It doesnt count posting aldhf;adshf;oaeihfoh (i.e. random letters) on your own blog and copy/ pasting. that's cheating. I got this from a book.

Btw, Moronic crudballs got only 3. googlewhack itself got 254,000. 356 noahs got 107,000. dang, purple glaciers got 958,000. Monkey diesel got 1,900,000. constantine's pantaloons got 14,900. GRRR! blubbery notebook got 533. My search for the perfect 1 continues.

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