Thursday, August 03, 2006

Something That My Brother Said:

(Will is orange.) First, you must scream Sasquatch. No, write sasquatch. JUST SASQUATCH!! *tries to erase* You are a BAFOON. Listen up, BAFOON. Meet me in a dark alley and pay me a ransom of 200 dollars...CUZ I SAID SO.

(Emma is now pink)Hi PEOPLES WAZ UP !!!!!!! I have a message to s- unit (Me: sorry but she still remembers that. i have nada to do with this.) I'M NOT THE FREAK YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS THE STRAWBERRY MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FURTHERMORE YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO ALL MANKIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (dont take that personaly)<------(fine print!!)

So. Those were my insane siblings. Wait will has something to add.

I like piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie and i cannot lie what other brothers cant deny *laughs insanely* *for a long time* I LIKE PIIIIIIII-IIIIIII-IIIIII--EEE---IIIIIIIIIIE. OOOOOOH YEA-EEEE-AH!! BANG!!! *continues to scream* *stops screaming* *starts screaming* What? Pie. HAHAHAHA. *screams* BATMAN!! *starts singing about batman* *screams* *types randomly on keyboard* YAAAAAAH! *starts saying something like STUB-DA! STUB-DA!!* AOOOOOGAH!!! AOOOOOGAH! Okay, that's enough.


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Molly Wobbles said...

ok there ali... O.o