Sunday, August 06, 2006

Can't Think of a Stupid Title!!!

Basically i went to the pool yesterday with ben, cameron and zoe and their cousins evan and tyler. random. Then i bought a song. from keane. or something. the music video for that is kewl. i talked to frances and it was saaaaaaaaad because she's going to taiiwan!!! noooo don't leave me here !!!*says the girl who went to canada, michigan, new york, washington dc and west virginia this summer*

but omg i'm supertired cuz i can't sleep anymore or something and that's just depressing. like if i do a single thing before i'm about to go to bed it's like KER-SPAZ!! like how i talked to frances and then i couldnt sleep cuz i was distracted. grr. then i read a book for a long time. then i fell asleep and got up at *shock* 7. 7 AM. ggggrrrrrrrrrrRrRRRrrrrR!!!

so...that's about it.

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Molly Wobbles said...

XD it is a cellphone lol and he's not eating it lol he's awestruck by NYC XD

don't you always travel a lot in the summer???

btw I think I bagged for zoe and them's mom at acme... XD