Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Story About A Nickle

I think i spelled that wrong. btw, The Notebook is still saddening moi. booo. so to distract me, i made a story about a nickel. Or tried to. I got through two sentances and then said, grr, this is stupid. and deleted it. then i wished that i had more than one bottle of Jones's Sugar-Free Black Cherry Soda left so i could have more. i actually shared with my brother. how odd is that? i'm gonna ask for a mixed case for my birthday. you can get them at the website. It's a 12-pack and you can get 12 flavors. it'll help the collection i'm making of the glass bottles that they come in. so far i have 2 bottles of "Naturals" (Bohemian Rhasberry and Orange&Lim. they both tasted like crap), 3 bottles of black cherry soda and 1 bottle of normal cherry soda. yay. and i got this stupid invite for some picnic thing for freshmen at stoga. anybody going, cuz i think my mom might make me.

au reviour from Aliville!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

whee....mmm root beer is the best in glass bottles!! (i don't know why but it is)

anyways, soda in glass bottles...whee!

i don't think i'm going to the picnic...evil invite, i thought it was my schedule and got all excited!