Monday, July 30, 2007

Kyle XY!!!!!


Wheeeeeeeeeeee, it's so funny. It's like, put hormones in a clueless alien (only not really) boy, and mix him with normal person. And the steriotypical religious-but-hot girl who Kyle is of course massivley in love with. And the religiously drunk grandfather ("Scotch plus Bible equals question mark??") who was only just introduced. Oh, and Kyle's female counterpart. Who APPARENTLY is the one who offed Kyle's foster sister...DUDE. And the evil man, who's going to kill that woman's insanley cute little daughter. They are SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSOSO evil!! And Declan is hot. How do you spell that again? Deklan? Deklin? Declin? AUGH! Hahahaha...if you have any questions how this show works, ask me. I WILL explain it.


elizzy said...

nerdjedi said...

I would ask how it works.

But I'm not sure it would help.

Molly Wobbles said...

hot guys... sounds like 300... six packs... EVERYWHERE

Elizzy said...

guess what!!!!!
i finished my second squid!!!
it's pink!!!
but i ran out of black beads so i used turquoise (sp?) instead....he looks like he's albino or something....hehehe