Monday, August 20, 2007


The Princess Diaries officially has too many books. Seriously, EIGHT, and the last four or five have kind of sucked. And in the last book, the author screwed over every single one of her characters...and ended in a freaking annoying cliffhanger.

What happened to the Mia from the first book? I didn't want to strangle *her*. Actually, the new and improved Mia...I don't want to strangle her. I want to beat her up until she stops acting like such a freak. AUGH!!! Seriously. She's an idiot. Also, if she gets back with her boyfriend in the next book, it'll suck cuz Meg Cabot has already convinced us that she's perfect with the other guy. But then, if she DOESNT get back together with the boyfriend, it'll also totally suck because you're so USED to that dude just BEING there. Even though he's sort of an asshole now. Oh, well, so is she. Grrrrrr.

Note to self: if you ever get published, don't make the same mistake as Meg Cabot and OVERWRITE a seiries. It's annoying and a bad habit of hers.


Sam said...

books and movies should not end with cliffhangers.

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Not all men drawn by me look Asian.