Saturday, June 09, 2007

Channel Flipping.

Best thing ever: this stupid show in NY about jewels. Lots of dead air, and some redneck guy who looks like mr. foreman. He's really excited about jewelry for a man. Then six more channels of snow. Then some show about how apparently they made the Halocaust place into a museam. Ew. Then sports. Three more snow channels. Walmart commercial. C-Span about tuberculosis. A little snow. Travel show, biker in spandex shorts flirting with the host. Ew. Weather channel, and there's a hurricane. Local Marine Forecast. Commercial for a baseball bat ("BAY-UM! BAY-UM!"). It is a pretty friggin cool bat, though. CNN...Oh no! Someone dumped tires off the coast!!! It's killing everything! How the hell did the government APPROVE that??? CourtTv, Animal Planet...ew. Bugs. Some home makeover show...on a channel called fuse. MTV2. It looks like Punk'd. Oh, hey, yeah it is Punk'd. Here's something to watch. Hey, where the freak is Ashton?? We have a BOND, and I can tell when he's not there.


Joe, I never complained about finals. Just Social Stuides and its boringness.


i r joepoe said...
...............So I decided to try something new today. I here all you nerds and nerdistesmals, and sub-nerds, and dorkoids, and geeks, and weird little grils, and fat, stupid nerds that like to touch things that are shiny or fuzzy or fleshy, yes the fleshy ruined it, anyways, I here all of yous always talking about this band, "My Chemical Romance". So I just listened to five of their "hits" and they SUCK! They're awful! I would take any R&B over that crap! Hell, I'd rather be listening to the Poppin' My Collar song. I would take any metal over that to. Freaking, which is sensored in this case, punks. Alternative and punk? That's gotta be the dumbest kind of music I've ever heard of. It's just a bunch of rich fags singing in their normal voices which are nearly as high as my falceto, which is scary! The only band I hate worse than this "Chemical Romance" is what I consider to be the absolute worst band in the world: system of a down. I HATE system of a down. They SUCK! Those IDIOTS! I mean don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with metal. From Metalica's "The Unforgiven" which was made in 92 to Rammstein's "Du Hast", metal is awesome. But not system of a down. They suck! Even worse than my chemical romance. Even worse than country! Freaking COUNTRY! Oh and btw, Chemical Romance still beats country. I'll give them that, though they barely even deserve it. Uck! So then I started listening to the "Red Hot Chili Peppers", another one that you, Messo, Ello, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum aka Travis and Connor Femster all rave about. They suck worse. Do you hear me? Even worse than Chemical Romance. The lead singer is a fa***t that takes it up the sh** shu*e with a lisp org**m! And he sings that way too! He's still not worse than the system of a down syndrome. But UCK! What do you nerds listen too? GOSH!

Now to adress you're post, which I haven't really looked at until now, I thought you had cable. I could have sworn I told you that I got cable in January and you were like "Haha, welcome to the real world Joepoe", which in the way you used it is really just rich white wasps in America. But anyways, I DON'T GET SNOW NOW, SO NANANANANANANANA! Also, I pity bugs. I had to kill one this morning. Okay, I will admit I was terrified of it, because it was 6 in the morning and I am staring at this "harmless" little spider when I happen to notice the red hourglass on its behind, which is tiny but distinct by the way, and I realize it is the notorious black widow with venom fifteen times deadlier than praerie rattlesnake venom. So I was looking for something to kill it with, since I make a habbit of not using my hands when killing venomous insects. So I look around...there's toilet paper. Yeah! It would bite me right through that. There was my toothebrush. There was my little brother's toothebrush, which I would have used had I not been afraid that I would miss and it would climb the brush in a matter of seconds and bite me and kill me. So I used my mom's hairbrush, which is bigger than your average toothebrush. Anyways, I killed it and sent it down the drain, but then I felt bad, which is unusual for me at 6 in the morning, especially since Mr. Decker was talking about how Jains believe that by killing an insect you might as well be killing your own mother. So I felt bad for the buggy. Then I realized that I commit a sin against my own body every day and now I will change the subject................. yeah! What up girl? How was the finals? Tough, huh? They don't give us enough freaking time! especially when they stop you in the middle of your freaking essay. They did that to Emily S. and I and I think they nearly did it to Kelly H. and we are all pretty pissed about the whole thing. But anyways, here I sit, with nothing to do except study for Latin, which I haven't done yet. SS will be a breeze for me because it is my favorite core subject. And I think you should probably do that last bit of studying to.

Poe out.

Ello said...

Blaaaaaah woah I haven't been to your blog in loooooong time! Ahahaha!