Sunday, June 03, 2007


My stupid, stupid neighbor. It's like she KNEW I just blew all my money on a dress and black heels or something and decided to pounce while she had the chance. Because even though I've been gradually backing out of babysitting everyone except for Leah(every monday and tuesday) and this other family with those totally cute kids, Tyler and Brad(ocassionally, mostly in the summer), I'm still babysitting today at noon. Not only that, but I'm babysitting for someone who STILL hasent gotten me and my sister straight. I mean, okay, maybe FOUR YEARS AGO when we still looked a LITTLE BIT SIMILAR, it would have been a little more excusable. But now she's known us FOREVER, and she and her kids still call us both Emma.

But that's not all. No, we're also babysitting them at the POOL.

Are you KIDDING ME?!?! It's like normal babysitting but with drowning! Emma is a lot more responsible than I am, and she's done it before, and all, but I'm obviously going to be expected to do SOMETHING. And I know that this is like the epitome of stupid girliness to say this, but I just did my nails yesterday! And not like normal did my nails either. This one took a lot of work. I saw these instructions on this website on how to do your nails really cool, and here's what I had to do: Paint my nails white. Do like a million coats. Wait for that to dry. Sharpie them blue. Print out little Union Jacks. Glue them on my nails. Wait for that to dry. Put a couple of coats of sparkles on them. Wait for THAT to dry.



Joepoe said...

Getting names wrong is nothing out of the ordinary. SO MANY PEOPLE call be by my brother's name. People that have known my brother and I since I was an infant. One of my Tae Kwan Do instructors has known me for twelve years, and he still often confuses me with another second degree black belt. You shouldn't get so worked up over it. It is human nature.

As for the babysitting at the pool. I am not sure about this. I am probably wrong. But I think maybe, just maybe, it is illegal to have a minor babysitting other minors alone at a pool. I mean it would be okay for me because I am a BSA Lifeguard in the Boy Scouts and I am currently certified in CPR and First Aid and I am going to lifeguard this summer. But I cannot even begin to express to you how dangerous it is to babysit alone at a pool. And I am not saying it would be alright for me to do it. Water is incredibly dangerous no matter how good a swimmer you are or how shallow it is. One must always respect the water because it is above you. My advice would be to make sure that you have something with you like a PFD or even a floaty chair since most people don't have reach poles and ring buoys.

It is nice that you did your nails, but never forget that you do your nails for YOU. Because nobody other than YOU, and this goes for anyone, cares if another person has gotten their nails done.

Ha! Babysitting. You know I have never done it before. I am a Den Chief of Cub Scouts and you don't even know what that means, but that is it. I don't really like most little kids. Beyond the age of about five, they stop being cute and start being annoying. I think I am one of those people that will probably never have kids. Not that I'll get my tubes tied. It is a huge insult to my masculinity. But that is disgusting and you don't want to think about it. HAHA!

-I R Poe

Ali said...

we're not alone. the mom is there. she just doesnt feel like watching her own kids.