Sunday, May 27, 2007

One Year!

I have officially had my blog for a whole year now!! It's so crazy, because SO much has changed since then. Jeez, it's nuts. I've learned some lessons, I'm in high school, and I'm sans about seven inches of hair. People who I used to like or was friends with or whatever are now repulsive to me, and vice versa. I don't have as much to say, but what I do say has a little more substance and a little less blahblahblah. Sooooooo...yeah.



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Joepoe said...

As I am sure you know, tonight is the big night: Miss Universe! I am watching it rigth now. The women are all so ugly! Gosh! You'd think they could do a better job. I mean seriously! Do you mean to tell me that of all the 3 million women in America, that this was the best they could come up with? She is not pretty at all. And Brazil, known to have the hottest women in the world, and I'm not even saying that is my opinion, but gosh! They could have done better. And Japan, Korea, Thailand...all too much make-up. I love Asian girls but way way way too much!

Skipping to the important part, Angola and Venezuala were my favorite. And as I just found out, Angola, who is my favorite, has helped against HIV and has helped children.

So yeah. Angola all the way! I am not going to stay up for the whole thing, but I hope Angola will win. Venezuala is a close second.

Uck! The one thing I can't stand is the ridiculously skinny women with the like 11 inch waists! They call them svelte? Ha! Svelte! Meaning very skinny in a graceful way. Very skinny and graceful contradict themselves. I am not one for women with eating disorders.

Well, that's about all I am going to watch. Good night.

PS, you would have loved the fruit hosting the show. He was some pretty-boy with dimples that I could have stuck quarters in and the quarters would not have fallen out. Mario was his name. To bad he was flame, huh? Anyways, good night now.

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lol!! hi!