Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Rockumentary"s, Police Shows, And Dora The Explorer

That's all that's on TV right now. I've just been watching the blogs scroll by on the recently updated page instead.

Being sick kinda sucks, especially since my mom is freaking out, because she can't "figure out what's wrong with me". I couldn't figure out if she was yelling at me or at herself, so I said "I'm sorry," which made her get even MADDER. It's like no matter how hard I try, I just can't make anyone happy. Really, all I want to do is make everyone happy, which is stupid, because it never works. Which makes me wonder why I'm commiting so much energy to it. Then I slept until now.

And that's just about it.


So, since I fear doing the whole two-posts-in-one-day thing, I've decided to just edit this one. So yay for me.

So while I was lying on the couch bored out of my mind today, I happened to catch Dirty Dancing on one of those HBO channels. And it was AMZAZING. Really, whoever made that movie is a marketing genius. Summer resort, people doing dances that would have, in the 80's, at least, gotten them arrested, and a perpetually shirtless Patrick Swayze? What could be better than that?

Wow, I'm so weird...but honestly. That was a great movie. Besides the end. The end was just WAY too much dancing. Also, they never tied up that whole what-the-hell-is-going-to-happen-after-she-leaves-the-resort thing, but if you don't think past the very end then it's okay. Hee. Wow. Weirdness.

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i r Joepoe said...

The world will miss the salsa.

Nowadays, dancing is just jumping around with a strobe light on, grinding, and sandwitching (a form of grinding which is amazingly fun but still not really dancing).

The salsa was the true dance as of about no less than 15-20 years ago. To this day, middle-aged people salsa. That's the only dance they do if they dance. Because there came a time of epiphany where people realized that the tango, the foxtrot, and anything really just was not as fun and as passionate as the salsa. Then there came mosh, grinding, the crip walk, hips jiggling, and the whatever which just are not as passionate and magic as the salsa. They are all so much easier than the salsa, too-probably why it is dying out. It is a shame!

Anyways, I never saw dirty dancing, but I have the sound track and THAT is amazing! The first 5 songs are great, then the sixth one is okay, then the seventh one is the best (Cuba, by Orishas) then the 8th one is less than good, the ninth one is the second were song in the world in my opinion (you send me by shawn keen/kane, like I am going to take the time to learn his name) then the tenth one is weird, but allright, and the eleventh I can't remember, but if I recall corectly, it is also weird, but allright, then the 12 one is the spanish version of the 5th one (Satelite by Santana) and I have given up on correcting the word allright/alright which I can care less about. And I would rate the two versions of Satelite about the same. Overall, it is a great CD, but CD's have become suprerfluous in my mind because of youtube.

Youtube is now the answer to all. The only thing you can't find in youtube is the valentin club remix of Dragostea Din Tei aka Ma Ya Hi aka the Numa Numa song and this remix is great b/c it has this amazing techno solo that is like a legendary momment in the history of music and I may or may not have spelled music wrong. If you come to school tomorrow, that is good, if you don't you will have nothing to do all day and therefore you will probably read this much. So cool! Otherwise, get well soon! Oh Btw, ha! I love that expression, moms can be annoying. As soon as you realize that your mother is insane (I am just guessing that she is b/c I have already (yes!) realized that my mother is insane and therefore think that just by chance yours might be, don't take it offensively and incase you did not realize, the exclamation of yes from before was on acount of me spelling alright right without bothering to fix it!

Once again, GWS!

-i r Joepoe